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The CXApp Insider's Scoop

2020 Digital Community Trends That Matter

Q&A with Darby-Mason Werner (CXApp Live! Podcast Host)

Sample Use Cases for Location Services In the Workplace

CX Tips for Remote Briefings

What It Takes To Build A Successful Workplace Experience

Feature Spotlight: Check-In Kiosk

Staying Competitive In CX: Studying the Top Blogs

Mobile Engagement Apps - Build vs Buy

Putting A Focus On Employees: Companies Tackling Employee Experience

PropTech Trends We Love

The 2020 Customer Experience Trends That Matter

Internal Comms Stats & Trends To Consider

Top Companies Serving the Built Corporate World with PropTech

The Evolving Roles of the C-Suite Lineup

Event Spotlight: The CXApp Goes Down Under

Forget the Buzz, There Is No End to Workplace Experience Trends

Digital Demands of the Modern Employee

The Ever-Evolving Role of the CX Professional

Feature Spotlight: Directory

Reaching New Heights: Why You Must Build a Community Around Your Customers

A Day In the Life: The Connected Employee

Event Spotlight: Events Are Bigger and Better in Texas

The Many Parts That Make Up a Whole: The Modern Corporate Campus

Roles & Responsibilities: The Workplace Experience Manager

6 Trends That Enhance the Workplace Experience


Global Community Audiences Need a Seamless Experience

Event Spotlight: Croatia Is Calling and I Must Go

Introducing the Cast: Smart Campus

Property Tech Trends You Need to Know

Customer Experience Trends for Meetings and Briefings

Celebrating National Techies Day!

Podcast Tips & Tricks for Corporate Content Marketing

A Closer Look At Space as a Service

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner — Will We Take Home A 2019 Timmys Award?

A Mobile-First Mindset for Events of All Shapes and Sizes

Mobile Apps Bringing New Meaning To Career and Job Fairs

Meeting Management and Space Allocation in the Modern Workplace

Introducing the Cast: Events Industry

Book A Desk - The Latest Trend In Modern Workplaces

The Rise of Worker Engagement: Why It’s Vital to Surviving a Digital Transformation

Top 5 Examples of a Campus App in Action

Aruba Atmosphere 2019: Event Tech at Its Best

Introducing the Cast: Meetings and Executive Briefing Centers

Event Spotlight: Heading Down to Sunny Mexico

Why a Mobile App Is the Best Solution for Convention Centers

Q&A with Tim Vanevenhoven (Aruba Meridian) on the Power of 'Location'

Persona Spotlight: Workplace Operations Director

The Top Seven Benefits of the Increasingly Popular Subscription Model

How to Take Employee Experience to the Next Level

How Tech-Savvy Universities Are Preparing Students for the Modern Digital Work Environment

[Video] Aruba Ups the Ante with Location-Aware Event Experiences

Persona Spotlight: Student

Five Best Campaigns That Prove B2B Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

What Students Are Looking For In A Collegiate Mobile App

Top Tech Trends Shaping University Life

Modern Venue Operations in the Smart Corporate Space

Event Spotlight: A Journey to Capitol Hill

Ten Best Practices for Boosting Employee Engagement

Persona Spotlight: Campus Visitor

A Video Introduction to the Campus Solution

Event Spotlight: Getting Inspired in North Carolina

Meeting Obstacles and How To Overcome Them

Top 5 Benefits of Geolocation Technology

SSO For Enterprise Apps... the So What?!

Why “Digital Transformation” Should Be In Your Vocabulary

Building an Autonomous Customer Journey

Event Spotlight: Leaving Las Vegas, and All the Better for It

How to Best Serve Your Customers

Your A- Z Guide to the New Workplace Experience

Doing Digital Right: Ten Companies With Outstanding Online Newsrooms

Feature Spotlight: Meet

Top 5 Challenges in the EBC and How to Overcome Them

How To Create Mobile Notifications That Get Results

Companies Are Turning to Mobile for Modern Venue Ops, Here’s Why

Top 7 Ways Location Services Boost Events

Persona Spotlight: Employee

What Does the New Customer Experience Landscape Look Like?

Feature Spotlight: Live Maps

Here’s Why “Omni-Channel” Means “Customer-Centric”

The 5 W’s of Smart Venues

A CX Journey Through Time

Event Spotlight: Annual Sales Leadership Event Wins Big In Vegas

What Can Location Services Do for You?

An Intelligent Ecosystem of Partners and Integrations

10 Engaging Tips to Boost Meeting Participation

CX Stories We Love: The Relationship Between a Business and Its Customers

Q&A with The CXApp CEO: AI and the Customer Experience Journey

Event Spotlight: Starting the New Year in Style

The Next Step In Enterprise Digital Transformation: Smart Campus

What Makes an Online Community Manager Successful?

Community Managers Are Your New Key Players

Community Spotlight: Delivering An Experience ... Not Just the News

Big Moves: Tech Giants Relocating

Personalization Strategies That Work

Tech That Will Rule The World

What Mobile Event Technologies Will Reign Supreme In 2019?

The State Of Customer Experience In 2019

CEO Insights: Inside the CX Universe with Leon Papkoff

Customer Journey Maps: B2B Common Pitfalls

The Numbers: Customer Experience Mobile App Results

The Evolution of Customer Experience Through the Ages

Business Savvy: Digital Customer Experience

Customer Experience: Millennial and Gen Z Expectations

EBC Spotlight: Cyber Security Leader

Introducing Your Most Valuable Sales Tool - The Executive Briefing Center

Community Software Is Not Dead

Aruba’s Atmosphere 2018 Was Powered by the Next Generation of Event Tech: The CXApp

Obstacles to Great Digital Customer Experience

In a Connected World, Kindness Leads to Business Success

Q&A with The CXApp CEO: Customer Experience, User Experience and Design

Don’t Spook Your Event Attendees

Five Bone-Chilling Customer Experience Mistakes

HPE and the Transformed Executive Briefing Center Experience

Feature Spotlight : Podcast Player

Why Content Matters for Customer Experience in the EBC

Video Post: Smart Tech Powers the Office of the Future

Shifting to Digital Corporate Communities

Listen Closely

EBC Spotlight: Creating a 'Smart' Onsite Experience

So You Want New Event Tech?

Customer Engagement Powered by Social Media

Exploring a Different Aspect of Your CX Program: The Role of Emotion

The Next Generation of Digital Community

Digital Natives and Customer Experience

Event Spotlight: Journey to the “Land of Smiles”

Mobile is the Cornerstone of the Modern Customer Experience

Feature Spotlight: In-App Posts

Playing the CMO: Digitization, Data, and Mobile Apps

Launch Your New App Into Success

Don’t Call it a Comeback: The Rise of Audio Content and Podcasts

A Sneak Peek Inside the HPE EBC with Esteban Obando

When Business Operates At Hyper-Speed, You Need Real-Time Mobile Solutions To Keep Up with Your Customers

Persona Spotlight: CMO

Want to Build Positive Customer Experience? Start with Your Employees

CX Humor: Who Knew?

Why Content Feeds Are Necessary in Modern App Design

Disrupting the Status Quo: Event Tech for the Modern, Mobile Attendee

Metrics or Bust: The CX Insights You’ll Need Most to Succeed

Community Spotlight: A Mobile Ecosystem for Partner Engagement

Fuel for the Fire: The Top Five Mobile-Powered CX Touchpoints In Business Right Now

Persona Spotlight: Event Attendee

Embracing User-Generated Content for Enhanced Customer Experience

Hashtags, Emojis, GIFs..Oh My!

Five Mobile App Features That Help Event Apps Stand Above the Competition

EBC Spotlight: Where Customers Are a Passion and a Priority

Mobile Notifications: The Driver for Modern Communications

Firework Ideas To Ignite Your EBC

The Top 5 Reasons Mobile Apps Power the Re-Emergence of Online Communities

Event Spotlight: Hola de nuevo, Mexico City

The Unprecedented Power of Embedded Events and How You Can Harness It

Community Spotlight: Sales Teams Get Connected with the CXApp

Building Leverage: Tapping C-Suite Executives as Subject Matter Experts

Expand Your Audience in a Mobile-Minute

Hyperlocation In the Enterprise: Syncing the Place of Your Data

Community Spotlight: The CXApp Is The Place to Express Yourself

2018 and Beyond: Trends for an Optimal CX Strategy

Persona Spotlight: Event Director

Compliance: CXApp & GDPR

Embracing Peer to Peer Messaging

Optimizing Your Outreach: Exploring New Content Types

Feature Spotlight: SMS Invites

The Five Elusive W’s of the Customer Journey

Easy On-boarding with the CXApp

The Value of Incorporating User Interactivity: Polls and More

Aruba: Our Journey with the CXApp

Your Guide to Sales Enablement: Following the Lead

Cross-Functional is the New Sales Channel

From Rolodex to Robots: Why Automation Matters In the Modern EBC

Event Spotlight: Santa Clara, Here We Come!

Evolving the EBC: How AI and Machine Learning Can Make a Difference

Persona Spotlight: Sales Director

The Modern EBC: A Vast “Sea” of Opportunities

Event Spotlight: Vegas, Take 2

Ideas for Launching a Mobile Experiential Engagement Campaign - Chapter III: Wayfinding

The Trends Shaping Customer Experience

Ideas for Launching a Mobile Experiential Engagement Campaign - Chapter II: Augmented Reality

Kick Starting a Mobile-First Community

Ideas for Launching a Mobile Experiential Engagement Campaign - Chapter I: Beaconing

Content Engagement Strategies for the Modern Consumer

Persona Spotlight: Account Manager

Notifications and the Red Dot Phenomenon

Mobile App KPI's to Keep Top of Mind

EBC On-the-Go

The CXApp takes on "Sin City"

The CXApp takes on the "Big Easy"

The Prosumer Effect in the Digital Economy

3 Tips for Boosting Employee Engagement

Digital Transformation in the Enterprise

Persona Spotlight: Customer

Streaming News Tactics for Your Business

The Top Tech Trends from CES 2018

5 Tips for Combatting Mobile App Attrition

Meet Joe! Joe Is A Community Manager and He's Here for You!

What Tech Trends Will Differentiate Your Business in the New Year?

2018: Digital Communities Will Drive Business

Mobile Apps By the Numbers

Persona Spotlight: Executive

Targeting a generation fueled by big data and modern technology

2018: Top Briefing Trends

Voice Activated Customer Experience

Persona Spotlight: EBC Manager

The Power of Social for Customer Engagement Strategies

The Slow Decline of PC Intranets and the Rise of Mobile-First

2018: The Year of Smart Events

Congratulations Avaya! Winner of the MarCom Award!

Persona Spotlight: Community Member

Un-spamming Your Employees and Internal Team Members

Extend Your Reach with Mobile Web AND/OR Mobile Apps

Boo! Customer experience facts that can be frightening

Comprehensive Business Apps Speak to Real-World Daily Activities

Social Amplification and the Multiplier Effect

Feature Spotlight: Single Sign On

Ask Questions, Get Results

Personalization in the Modern Era

Feature Spotlight: Social Mapping

Playing Nice In the Enterprise, Cross-Functional Alignment

A Better Way to Do In-App News

The Emergence of Indoor Mapping for the Enterprise

Feature Spotlight: 3rd Party Integrations

Instilling a Mobile Mindset for the Customer Journey

Stats to Support Your Mobile Mindset Case

Increasing Customer Awareness with A Mobile App

Feature Spotlight: Metrics

Mobile Customer Experience Apps... The So What!?

Types of Communities

The Customer Journey: Managed vs UnManaged Touchpoints

Feature Spotlight: News Activity Feed

A FitBit For Your Customer Experience Program

Let's Check In With David... A Customer and Part of Your Community

Proximity Marketing: Brainstorming Use Cases

Feature Spotlight: Profiles

Leveraging Proximity Marketing for Customer Experience in the Enterprise

Create an Online, Mobile-First Community for Deeper Engagement

Feature Spotlight: Travel & Logistics

You’ve Got Your App… Now What? Chapter IV : Post-Launch

ABPM: Our Journey with the CXApp

You’ve Got Your App… Now What? Chapter III : On-Boarding

Feature Spotlight: Surveys

You’ve Got Your App… Now What? Chapter II : Launch Party

Your Social Feed, Your Way, In the CXApp

You’ve Got Your App… Now What? Chapter I : Internal Communications

Feature Spotlight: e-Content

Meeting the Demands of the Modern Customer

Components of a Successful Event or Meeting Build-Out

How to Leverage Your Mobile App As A Corporate Asset

Feature Spotlight: Notifications

App Development In A Mobile World

Factoring Gen Z Into the Mobile Enterprise Equation

Feature Spotlight: Enhanced Agendas

Gamification Ideas to Boost Engagement

Single Sign-On Expedites Mobile App On-boarding for Enterprises

6 Tips for Sending Notifications

In-App Mobile Messaging Conversations Are the New Standard

Feature Spotlight: Activity Stream

Have We Reached the Mobile-Only Fork In the Road?

Engage Viewers in Public Spaces

A News Feed Is a Turbine for Your Customer Experience Journey

Feature Spotlight: Polls

Event and Meeting Check-In Made Easy

Get To Know Your Customers Day : Q2 2017

Mobile App Vs Mobile Web

Feature Spotlight: Beacons

Your Story, On the Big Screen

Mobile App Touchpoints for the Buyer Journey

Customer Experience 360 : See What’s Happening In Their World

Spring Cleaning Your Event/Meeting Program

What Makes a Good Partner?

Marathons Are To Briefings : As Runners Are To Program Managers

16 Fast Facts & Stats About Customer Experience & Mobile

Building A Community: Customers & Collaboration

Creating A Content Engine To Spark Community Engagement

Adopting a Customer-First Approach to Business Decision-Making

The Always-On Power of Mobile Apps For Your Business

Executive Buy-In: Getting to a Yes

The Language of Things: Slang, Emojis, Reactions

To Beacon Or Not to Beacon?

IoT and Me: A CX Approach to the Internet of Things

Meet Robert! Robert Is Your Subject Matter Expert and Presenting Today

Strategies of a 21st Century Planner

Social Mapping: Charts for Enhanced Insight

Meet Mary! Mary Manages Customer Experience & Expectations

Create Superstar Content Channels and Win Fans

Meet David! David Is Visiting Your Venue, David Is Your Customer

Empowering Business Interactions with Connected Devices

Go Ahead, Play Games!

From CES to Your Briefing Program: Innovative Ideas

Event Surveys: A Powerful Engagement Tool

The Social Nature of Events

The Evolution, and Future of Customer Experience

One App to Rule Them All: Managing the End-to-End Meeting Experience

Tips to Increase Event Engagement

5 Technology Trends for Events in 2017

EBCs of the Future

Closing the Technology Gap

Writing Your Company’s Social Story - Lessons from Dr. Seuss

Customer Engagement Walls... Build It In!

Satellite Briefings: The Next Big Move for EBCs

Mobile Events & You: 5 New Year Traditions

The Polls Are In, And You Win!

Creating Micro-Content Moments In a Mobile World

Give Customers the Keys to Your Content Castle

The Digital Evolution of Events

Steps to Achieve Executive "Buy-In"


Mobile Experience Apps and the Prolific Data that Follows

The Digitization of Events. Paperless, Social, Mobile, Smart!

New Magic. Beaconing Technology and the Sleight of Hand

Stay In the Know with Up-to-the-Minute Notifications

They Want It All, And They Want It Now: A Mobile Mindset for Your Business

The Power and Flexibility of "My Agenda"

Mobilize Your Event Logistics

Case Study: Avaya Goes to Budapest

Mobile Event Apps: A la Carte or Buffet?

The CX App Teaser Trailer

Game-Break Digital Moments

The Killer App Experience for Fan Engagement of Tomorrow