April 26, 2018

Cross-Functional is the New Sales Channel

The Modern Approach to Sales Enablement

The bottom line for any organization is ‘closing sales’. Traditionally sales teams and marketing groups tend to own the ‘sales’ process. However, now that customers have become accustomed to more personalized experiences, on all platforms, and at any time of day, a more modern approach to sales enablement is necessary. One salesperson or sales team is unable to accomplish the level of service expected today. Therefore, we need to look to other resources, or business units, inside the organization that can help and better equips sales teams to support and convert a sale at every touchpoint of the customer experience journey.


Your customer's journey often starts at the briefing center and carries on through. Let's see what types of tools your program can instill to get closer to understanding the 5 W's: who, what, when, where, and why.