Back to the office already... are you prepared?

Contactless Features, The CXApp
Planning a 'return-to-work' strategy isn't easy, that's why we deployed new features to our workplace experience platform.

Smart, automated interactions help mitigate risk in high exposure areas across the workplace. By integrating a mobile app platform in your return to work strategy, you can create 'low-touch' or event 'no-touch' experiences to keep employees connected to each other and the office. 


See the latest features to enter the workplace...

If you want to know something, you check your app. If you want to find something, you locate it with your app. If you want to communicate, you use your app. If you want to access something, you control it with your app.
Leon Papkoff
CEO, Chief Strategist
There are low-tech considerations that need to be made immediately but long-term automations will begin to take shape across organizations of all sizes.
Andrea Williams
Director of Marketing and Customer Experience