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Go Hybrid in 2022 with a Flexible, EBC Meeting Strategy

Initially a hybrid event engaging both virtual and in-person attendees, the 2021 ABPM Fall Workshop pivoted to being fully-virtual this year. Here’s what this means...

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Hybrid Customer Meetings and Experiences, The Road Ahead

The Association of Briefing Program Managers (ABPM) held their spring conference in April, so we sat down with Darby Mason-Werner, Senior Director of Client and...

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The Digital Pivot to Virtual Customer Experience

In a remote business world - all you seem to have is the screens and devices in front of you. Your phone, your laptop, your tablet - and all of the tools and programs...

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Customer Meeting & Executive Briefing Trends 2021

How companies create new and unique experiences that customers remember - will make a measurable impact in this new year and new world of business.

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2020 Customer Experience Challenges and How To Address Them

What happens when you go from being 100% in-person for work, events and meetings to being 100% virtual? The 'experience' factor goes away (or at least struggles to...

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Lessons Learned: Planning For Virtual and Hybrid Briefing Programs

The Association of Briefing Program Managers (ABPM) held their fall workshop in October - embracing all things virtual in content, delivery and projects. We sat down...

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Reopening The Office - Spaces To Support In Person Work

The office will always be a place for innovation, collaboration, and socialization. You can't take that away from the workforce or we'll all end up in the futuristic...

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What to Consider When Building A Virtual Customer Experience Program

Virtual briefing and customer experience managers have it harder than ever. It’s almost impossible, or incredibly rare, to conduct face-to-face interactions in the...

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Considerations For Hybrid Events: The New Reality Of Business

Event tech needs to support both on-site and virtual attendee experiences and transition seamlessly between them for better event engagement

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Conference Room Attributes Help Efficient Space Usage In The Workplace

As companies grow to be more agile over time, workspaces need to become more flexible. There are several reasons for this, but none more important than the fact that...

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Planning for Reentry: Why Hybrid Experience Models Are Required

While remote work opportunities are still more prevalent in the world of business, many companies are planning the eventual return of their workers. Some have started...

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Takeaways For Virtual Briefing Programs For the Remainder of 2020

The Association of Briefing Program Managers (ABPM) held their spring conference in June - virtually - so we sat down with Darby Mason-Werner, Senior Director of...

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Reimagining Human Connection & Customer Experience In A Virtual World

Take a moment and think. What happened to your meetings? Did they change? What happened to your customer experience? Did they change? Did they get put on-hold? 

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Leveraging QBRs Effectively In a Remote World

It’s no secret that everything has changed. But for how long? When everyone returns to work en masse, and the market picks up again, business interactions will be...

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Virtual Briefings & Remote Customer Meetings: More Relevant Now

Depending on your industry, of course, several businesses (especially in tech) are still in operation. But employees are not working on-site but remotely from home....

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Q&A with Darby-Mason Werner (CXApp Live! Podcast Host)

With the launch of the CXApp Live! podcast we sat down with host Darby Mason-Werner and asked her what it's been like getting the show off the ground.

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Customer Experience Tips for Remote Briefings

We're amidst a very interesting time. Facing the unknown. Unsure of what comes next. 

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Top Companies Serving the Built Corporate World with PropTech

PropTech is a broad concept that encompasses a wide variety of information technology and software applications working to enhance, facilitate, optimize real estate...

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Why You Must Build a Community Around Your Customers

Despite some rather valiant efforts by organizations, many of today’s customers feel incredibly disconnected from the companies around them. A large part of this...

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Customer Experience Trends for Meetings and Briefings

How to Use Both Tech and Thoughtfulness to Win at CX

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Meeting Management and Space Allocation in the Modern Workplace

How a Mobile App Enhances Teamwork and Collaboration On-The-Go

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Introducing the Cast: Meetings and Executive Briefing Centers

The Personas that Use and Benefit From a ‘Meetings’ Mobile App

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Meeting Obstacles and How To Overcome Them

6 Tech-Savvy Solutions to Make You a Meeting Planning Pro

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Building an Autonomous Customer Journey

Managed Vs. Un-managed CX Touchpoints

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How to Best Serve Your Customers

Are you planning for and executing in the ways that will match your customers' needs and customer journey? "Change your program, change your world"... a combination...

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The CXApp Feature Spotlight: Meeting Capabilities

A Mobile, Experiential Approach to Meetings

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Top 5 Challenges in the EBC and How to Overcome Them

Adopting a Cross-Functional Business Strategy to Power Your Executive Briefings

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The Rise of Smart Spaces: Going Digital in a Physical World

Great News for Meeting Profs and Employee Engagement!

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10 Engaging Tips to Boost Meeting Participation

It’s Time for Meetings to Evolve

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The Numbers: Customer Experience Mobile App Results

B2B Smart Meeting Tech Performance Review

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EBC Spotlight: Cyber Security Leader
Digital Customer Experience in a Silicon Valley Executive Briefing Center

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Your Most Valuable Sales Tool: The Executive Briefing Center

Sales Enablement Has Changed Irrevocably Due to Modern Tech.

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Don’t Spook Your Event Attendees

Happy Halloween! To celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of five best and worst customer experience practices for your event program. We hope that after reading, you...

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Why Content Impacts Customer Experience At Executive Briefing Centers

Without a Well-Maintained Content Library You Can’t Hope to Compete in Today’s Content-Centric World

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A Sneak Peek Inside the HPE EBC with Esteban Obando

The award-winning HPE Executive Briefing Center in Palo Alto creates a high-touch space for senior HPE executives and IT professionals to connect and collaborate with...

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Fast Paced Business Needs Mobile Solutions To Engage With Customers

Mobile can inherently accomplish many things that static or desktop channels cannot. It is an essential platform for engagement that no business should ignore,...

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EBC Spotlight: Where Customers Are a Passion and a Priority

When customers are your passion and priority, you craft all of the sensory experiences to impress and delight them. What you see, how you're treated, what you smell,...

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Mobile Notifications: The Driver for Modern Communications

Communication, as a whole, is an incredibly powerful and necessary process for any business operation. It drives relationships internally and externally, and helps...

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