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The Value of An Employee App

Workplace culture is transformed. 

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The Return To Work Timeline In the Enterprise

Almost shockingly, we saw a handful of companies jump feet first and announce their commitment to remote-only work environments in the middle of 2020. Many companies...

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Reserving Desks, Spaces, and Activities In the Workplace

The primary use cases for 'reservations' in the workplace are desks and conference rooms. Straightforward and simple. We can see that offices are transforming as they...

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The Connected Employee Journey: An On-the-Go Experience

Large companies are inherently complex. Work environments in as much are stagnant, but workers come and go. Therefore information is disconnected and piling up. 

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The Simple Process Of Reserving A Workstation In the Office

Does everything have to be so complicated? No. No, it really does not. 

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2020 Customer Experience Challenges and How To Address Them

What happens when you go from being 100% in-person for work, events and meetings to being 100% virtual? The 'experience' factor goes away (or at least struggles to...

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Reopening The Office - Spaces To Support In Person Work

The office will always be a place for innovation, collaboration, and socialization. You can't take that away from the workforce or we'll all end up in the futuristic...

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Workplace Technology Scorecard - App Evaluation

We know, you have a lot of choices... mobile apps abound and everyone touts being the best, but knowing what to look for and creating your own criteria should help.

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The New Employee Experience Journey

A look at the end to end employee experience journey - and why you need a digital hub for smarter worker engagement in the era of on-the-go business.

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Considerations For Hybrid Events: The New Reality Of Business

Event tech needs to support both on-site and virtual attendee experiences and transition seamlessly between them for better event engagement

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Companies Expanding Their Real Estate Footprint

The office is not dead. It's slowly waking to a world where space plays a vital role in bringing people back to the workplace.

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The Core Components Of A Connected Workplace Ecosystem

IoT will play a significant role in any robust back to work strategy - leveraging mobile apps, connected devices, and networks to:

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What Workplace Technology Can Do For The Return to Work

Workplace leaders, operations, real estate, and HR are all examples of groups facing tough challenges and complex issues related to ushering the workplace back into...

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Workplace Persona: IT, Technology (by The CXApp)

Find Out How the CXApp Helps IT and Technology Experts Streamline Tools Across the Organization Managers Oversee the Modern, Digital Campus!

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Distributed Workforce Communication Goals

In times of crisis, communication is goal #1. Employees, teams, partners, stakeholders, you name it - need regular and focused communication around different facets...

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The Connection Points of A Distributed Workforce

If 2020 is the year of 'work-from-home', could that mean 2021 is the year of the distributed workforce?

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Customer Experience Tips for Remote Briefings

We're amidst a very interesting time. Facing the unknown. Unsure of what comes next. 

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The old build vs buy conundrum. When looking at mobile engagement apps or software to help boost productivity, reduce overhead, or increase ROI etc., everyone is always...

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PropTech Trends We Love
February 13, 2020

PropTech Trends We Love

The business of property technology (propTech) is booming. All because employees, customers, and tenants want better - and more personalized- onsite experiences. 

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Internal Communication Stats & Trends To Consider

When we think about workplace experience, often we go to tools, technology, leadership and other facets first that we want to fix or improve upon. Its not necessarily...

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Digital Demands of the Modern Employee

As more Gen Z, iGen, Centennials enter the workforce, they bring with them a level of expectation that previous generations did not. They grew up with the technology...

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A Day In the Life: The Connected Employee

Companies are offering employees innovative and immersive experiences that enhance the employee experience. These experiences are mobile, smart, social, engaging, and...

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5 Scary Stats About Employee Engagement

Each year we see more companies and HR departments talking about employee experience...yet these spooky stats have us wondering, are we making forward progress or...

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Smart Campus Personas For the Workplace

Personas That Use and Benefit From a ‘Smart Campus’ Mobile App In The Workplace

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Customer Experience Trends for Meetings and Briefings

How to Use Both Tech and Thoughtfulness to Win at CX

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Celebrating National Techies Day!

To all you techies out there... woohoo! #NationalTechiesDay

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A Mobile-First Mindset for Events of All Shapes and Sizes

Events Are a Big Business and Demand A Mobile Interface for the Modern Event Attendee

Regardless of your industry, location, event type, or size, one common...

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Introducing the Cast: Events Industry

The Personas that Use and Benefit From an ‘Events’ Mobile App In The Enterprise

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Top 5 Examples of a Campus App in Action

Find Out How an Interactive, Experiential Venue Makes All the Difference!

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Introducing the Cast: Meetings and Executive Briefing Centers

The Personas that Use and Benefit From a ‘Meetings’ Mobile App

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How to Take Employee Experience to the Next Level

10 Tips For a More Engaged and Productive Team

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What Students Are Looking For In A Collegiate Mobile App

Find Out What the Newest EdTech Has to Offer

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Modern Venue Operations For A Smart Campus and Workplace Experience

How A Workplace Mobile App Helps Provide Efficient, Connected Experiences

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Event Spotlight: A Journey to Capitol Hill

The Best Meeting Professionals Share Their Wisdom

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Top 5 Benefits of Geolocation Technology

What To Expect From Indoor Mapping And Wayfinding

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SSO For Enterprise Apps... the So What?!

Enhance Provisioning and Identity Management for Streamlined Mobile Management

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Building an Autonomous Customer Journey

Managed Vs. Un-managed CX Touchpoints

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Your A- Z Guide to the New Workplace and Employee Experience

You may have heard terms like “workplace experience” and “smart campus” and wondered “What does that even mean? How can a venue be “smart”, like a tech gadget?”.

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How To Create Mobile Notifications That Get Results

Win With This Messaging Checklist

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Top 7 Ways Location Services Boost Events

Best Applications of Experiential Event Tech

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