Mobile App KPI's to Keep Top of Mind

By The CX App

Tips for Evaluating Mobile App Performance

In the transition to all things “mobile,” we are able to learn more about our customer than ever before. With one click, you can access massive amounts of meaningful data on key performance indicators (KPI's) specific to your product or service. For instance, what aspects draws them in and what drives them away? Such data will help you better tailor your efforts to each customer. From the very start of their “mobile journey,” we can track their habits and interests: what keeps them engaged and what parts of the experience just aren’t sticking.


When incorporating an online community, event, or meeting in your efforts, your customer engagement does not have to end.  Not only do you have the flexibility of connecting at any time you see fit, you can maximize the effect you have on them with personalized content and messaging.

Here are a few top KPI's to keep in mind for your go-forward mobile strategy.




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