Satellite Briefings: The Next Big Move for EBCs

By Andrea Susman

The Future of EBC Meetings

Hosting prospective customers at your corporate headquarters’ EBC in San Francisco is great when you’re targeting customers in Silicon Valley, but it’s less effective when you’re trying to attract new customers in Paris. Even potential customer that are extremely interested in visiting your EBC and learning more about your offerings and services may hesitate to make long trips to visit—regardless of who’s covering travel costs … or just how good the sourdough really is.If you want to reach more customers - you have to look beyond a singular location and consider  adopting the newest trend in briefings—traveling EBCs. Let’s face it, in today’s mobile-first enterprise, a deal can happen literally anywhere. But are you prepared?


A traveling EBC can manifest at satellite branches, hotels, or conference centers anywhere in the world. Traveling EBCs allow companies to better cater to new market locations, showcase different subject matter experts and technologies, and even advertise services to potential customers who are unable to travel to your flagship EBC location.



Multiple Events, Multiple Locations: Exponential Potential

There are many ways that you can expand your briefing offerings beyond the walls of the EBC to cater to prospective customers all over the world. Let’s explore a few:

  • Satellite Branches If you have multiple locations, it’s a simple fix to spruce up and create mini-EBCs at those locations using the same constructs you would flagship location.
  • Large Venues If you don’t have satellite branches in important locations, host a series of briefings in different hotels or conference centers around the world. This still affords you the opportunity to wine & dine as necessary.
  • Smaller Venues If you can only host a few major off-site briefings, consider expanding your reach by offering smaller seminars in multiple locations. This will allow you to showcase major briefing touchpoints and increase appetite for your flagship locations/events.
  • Customer Headquarters If you’re working on a huge client that represents a lot of potential revenue, consider bringing the briefing to the client by hosting it at their office. This illustrates how capable and flexible your team truly is.

Leverage Repeatable Processes for Enhanced Efficiency

An obvious benefit of conducting briefings at dedicated EBCs is that the environment is already set up for you. Traveling EBCs do require more work for set-up and execution, but many of the processes can be streamlined so that they’re reusable, enhancing remote briefing efficiency.


A mobile briefing app is one way to streamline briefing setup and execution. Briefing apps scale to fit your model and method—whether you’re holding briefings in one, two or 50 locations. The touchpoints remain the same: agendas, attendee profiles, logistics, content and collateral, social integrations, and activity feeds are all reusable within the app, and templates can be applied to create custom instances for each briefing you’re conducting. Simply change the location and alter branding as needed— then let the briefing engine run itself. 

Think Local, Go Global

Expanding your briefing efforts beyond the walls of the EBC is especially important when going global. It can be difficult to encourage crucial stakeholders and decision-makers to travel internationally to visit a briefing. However, if you’re not at least reaching out to other regions, that business could go elsewhere.  


Regardless of where you are in the world, a mobile event app like the CXApp can help you expand your reach, streamline efforts, and increase engagement. By 2017, more than one-third of the population of the world is expected to own a smartphone, and companies that pair mobile apps with traveling briefings are sure to set the stage in the new year for enhanced customer engagement and monumental global sales opportunities.

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