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Technology Trends in Facility Management for 2022 & Beyond

Work from and support your employees from anywhere. Go mobile-first with these facilities' tech trends.

With fewer employees, visitors, and people coming and going...

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Digital Trends Influencing Workplace Experience

A digital workplace solution should empower employees and teams, allowing for nuanced collaboration no matter the distance. It should provide a digital front-door to the...

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Office Reopen Dates Delayed, Smart Office Apps Remain At the Forefront

While some may be ready to return to the office, many offices are pushing back official reopen dates. The Delta variant has gained prominence in the U.S. along with...

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The Value of Employee Retention and How An App Can Improve It

It’s time we address the elephant in the room... You may be wondering, how can employers bridge the gap between off-site and on-site workers in a hybrid environment?...

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What Does Hosting a ‘Hybrid Event’ Really Mean?

Virtual experiences are not going away anytime soon, and that’s true for upcoming and future events, as well. But for those who are ready to get back to in-person,...

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Hot Desking, Desk Booking, and What It Means for the Corporate Campus

Desk booking is quickly becoming one of the best solutions for enhancing work environments and tailoring them to a more hybrid workforce.

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Emerging Workplace Technology Trend: In-App Food Ordering

Let’s whet our appetite a little...

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Achieving Equity: How to Create a Seamless Hybrid Work Environment

Welcome to the great work-from-anywhere divide. As workers distance themselves from the office more and more, a divide has appeared in equitable experiences. Employee...

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The Future of Events: Virtual, On-Demand, Live or All of the above?

The event industry was heavily impacted by COVID-19, not unlike many others, with a sudden and somewhat unexpected need to pivot entirely to virtual experiences - posing...

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Why Desk Booking Solutions Are Key to the Return to Work

To make way for the hybrid workforce, the workplace — and the offices where we do most of our business — is now dynamic and flexible. People, processes, and expectations...

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New Roles for the Future of the Work, Remote, and Hybrid Experiences

Ongoing transformation in the workplace has put a focus on reformed, sometimes niche roles to account for the varied experiences we're now seeing between working in the...

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Building Contextual Awareness Through Data-Driven Workplace Solutions

It’s 10 am, do you know where your co-workers are?

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How The Flexible Workplace Is Transforming Office Hours

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from recent events in the corporate world, it’s that business leaders are out of touch with what employees want. That rule doesn’t...

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How A Mobile App Helps Corporate Real Estate with Workplace Re-Entry

One of the biggest challenges facing corporate real estate, right now, is figuring out what to do with traditional office spaces. Whether the pandemic comes to a close...

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The Role HR Has to Play in the Big Return to Work

Employee engagement is at its most successful when it's deployed as a company-wide initiative and everyone is on board. But the reality is that not all parties are...

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Welcome to the New Workplace - Where the Employee is the Customer

Today’s organizations spend a lot of time, and invest a lot of resources, into understanding the average customer. That is commendable, and it makes sense from a...

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Q&A w/ Leon Papkoff: Desk Scheduling To Manage Workplace Re-entry

Today we wanted to dive in a little bit and discuss what companies are doing physically and digitally to re-open offices and what we can expect in the short term plans...

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No Worker Left Behind: Why Culture Still Matters In a Hybrid Work Model

With a distributed workforce - working in a hybrid work model - you can work from home, the office, a coffee shop, or anywhere. While it does offer benefits, and people...

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Hybrid Customer Meetings and Experiences, The Road Ahead

The Association of Briefing Program Managers (ABPM) held their spring conference in April, so we sat down with Darby Mason-Werner, Senior Director of Client and Partner...

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Office Apps: The Key to Tethering All Devices and Experiences at Work

All virtual experiences need a controller. It allows users to interact with the technology in more natural ways. Think of a video game or console controller that players...

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The High Value of Employee Engagement and How to Obtain It

In this relatively new remote work and work-from-home world, many apps, tools, and services have cropped up purporting to increase employee engagement. When in reality,...

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Desk Management In the Workplace: Roles and Responsibilities

For the workplace to recover, expectations need to continue to evolve to support a changing office environment. Remote work opportunities will continue to exist...

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Building Workplace Experience in a Work-from-Anywhere World

A restructured and dynamic workplace experience is needed to meet the demands of the future of work.

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Why An Office App Is Vital For Next-Generation Smart Campuses

A smart campus app will keep employees connected in today’s work-from-anywhere business landscape, but also provides powerful on-site touchpoints to provide context for...

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How to Work In a Flex Desk Environment Successfully

Understandably, discussions have centered on hybrid workplaces, as companies reopen campus doors to workers. Because the workforce will be spread across many locations,...

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2021 Workplace and Office Trends: The Employee Experience Revolution

Once upon a time, offices were bustling, packed campuses - and it was business as usual with everyone scurrying around to get work done. Busy. Focused. Hive-like. 

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User Accessibility In the Connected Workplace

Platforms and services need to be convenient, all-inclusive, and engaging. In today’s hyper-intense market, there is no other way.

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Customer Meeting & Executive Briefing Trends 2021

How companies create new and unique experiences that customers remember - will make a measurable impact in this new year and new world of business.

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Re-Imagining the Modern Workplace with Innovative Tech From CES

CES 2021 may be over, but the innovation on display will continue long into the current year and beyond. Tons of the latest technologies demoed at the event, included a...

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Who Says the Return to Work Can’t Be Enjoyable?

With the world in a constant state of disarray, it’s clear that employers must take action to ensure the health and safety of their employees. Employee satisfaction is...

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Desk Management Trends 2021
January 12, 2021

Desk Management Trends 2021

2021 will result in a transformation of the way we use and occupy spaces with desk management and hoteling solutions building a malleable foundation for the dynamic...

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Virtual and Hybrid Event Tech Trends For Better Attendee Experiences

Like it or not, the world is a different place now than it was even just a half a year ago. Everyone, and every business, has been affected.

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Occupancy Metrics Are Necessary For Safe Return To Work Strategies

Occupancy Metric: The occupancy rate, also referred to as a metric, is a KPI used to assess the total capacity of a building or facility. It’s commonly used for hotels...

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The Future of Work: Headquarters, Home, and Flex

For most organizations, work no longer takes place primarily 'in the office', at least not in a traditional sense. Home and remote work is now a permanent staple of the...

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6 Ways Desk Scheduling Helps the New World of Work

A well-designed and real-time desk scheduling platform is the key to managing a hybrid workplace, with people balancing time between on-site and off.

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Lessons Learned: Planning For Virtual and Hybrid Briefing Programs

The Association of Briefing Program Managers (ABPM) held their fall workshop in October - embracing all things virtual in content, delivery and projects. We sat down...

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A Checklist For The Post-Pandemic Workplace

It's the modern day ghost town. Our offices... sitting, in some cases, primarily empty for the last 8 months. 

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Campus Dining Programs In the Workplace Are Going Mobile

App-based product and service orders and mobile ordering are big bucks right now! We've gone through months and months of quarantine and isolation all in the name of...

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Big Companies Turning To Flex Office Space

As companies plan their office re-entry and back to work strategies, there’s only one way to go, and that’s towards creating flex space. What’s most important, however,...

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