August 9, 2018

Disrupting the Status Quo: Event Tech for the Modern, Mobile Attendee

Corporate events and industry events are not going away… anytime soon. In the US, 1.9 million meetings occurred in 2016, with 251 million meeting participants. When it comes to the modern event, organizations are constantly looking for ways to refine, learn, grow, and most of all impress. In-person events are huge part of business strategy for nurturing existing and potential new customers, so it’s important that they are delivering the right type of event to the each and every event attendee.

This typically manifests in implementing new physical and digital methodologies within their event program. The event app revival is in full swing and smarter, and better than ever. But when it comes to a crowded space for mobile event apps and technologies, it’s important for event organizations, managers, and teams to evaluate the optimal technology partner to help achieve their goals and execute a winning event strategy. Here are some event tech and mobile app insights that will impact your 2019 initiatives.