June 21, 2018

Community Spotlight: Sales Teams Get Connected with the CXApp

The Power of Mobile Technology for Sales

A good sales enablement strategy should address the the who, what, when, where, and why of sales. New trends continue to enter and dominate the sales and marketing space, with a focus pointed heavily on concepts that are concentrated in digital. Due to the nature of their on-the-go client-based work styles, these teams and team members need tools that can be leveraged to service and surface: relevant content, client information, data-based insights, and conversations that ultimately positively impact their ability to move the sales cycle forward. 


By partnering with the CXApp, teams are able to easily setup out-of-the-box communities that enable and empower these types of interactions for a mobile-first role within your company that meets the needs of an omni-channel society. 


This client spotlight showcases how a cutting-edge data networking company setup a community-based mobile app for their organization's 2,246 sales professionals to create a central hub for creating, sharing, and amplifying sales and marketing related material to each other and to their customers by leveraging the power of in-the-moment, real-time, always-on tools.


The proof is in the pudding, by providing resources the tools they need to sell more effectively, this sales community has seen as high as an 89% engagement rate month over month, indicating that the content is valuable, the social is relevant, and the insights are powerful. 


The CXApp truly helps sales communities focus on customer first, customer last.