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No Worker Left Behind: Why Culture Still Matters In a Hybrid Work Model

With a distributed workforce - working in a hybrid work model - you can work from home, the office, a coffee shop, or anywhere. While it does offer benefits, and...

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The High Value of Employee Engagement and How to Obtain It

In this relatively new remote work and work-from-home world, many apps, tools, and services have cropped up purporting to increase employee engagement. When in...

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An Increase In Office App Usage While Working From Home (stats)

The modern workplace, as we know it, has been disassembled. Nearly everything has shifted to a work-from-home (WFH) setup. According to about 6 in 10 managers, 55%...

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Keeping Employees Engaged In Today’s Work-from-Home Climate

Even before the current times within which we work, many organizations were shifting to remote and home-based work operations. If not full time, more and more people...

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Digital Community Trends That Matter

In the era of experience, how you treat your audience matters. Here are the trends that will help you make the most of it.

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Why You Must Build a Community Around Your Customers

Despite some rather valiant efforts by organizations, many of today’s customers feel incredibly disconnected from the companies around them. A large part of this...

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Global Community Audiences Need a Seamless Experience

A consistent user experience is key when using technology in all parts of the world

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What Makes an Online Community Manager Successful?

The Qualities Needed to Build Digital Brand Communities

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Community Managers Are Your New Key Players

How Digital Communities Are Changing Business

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Community Spotlight: Delivering An Experience ... Not Just the News
One Year Performance Results for Digital News Community

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Examples Of The Best Brand Community Landing Pages

These Online Communities Have Customer Engagement Down To An Art

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Niche Digital Communities Are The Way Of The Future

Because Of The Benefits They Provide, Specialized Online Communities and Brand Communities Have Begun To Overtake Traditional Platforms

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Community Software Is Not Dead
November 20, 2018

Community Software Is Not Dead

The Technology Behind Creating Digital Communities is Alive and Well - It Has Only Changed

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In a Connected World, Kindness Leads to Business Success

How Being a “Kind Business” Drives Customer Experience and Employee Engagement

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Shifting to Digital Corporate Communities

Mobile Tech and Online Social Communities are Vital to the Future of Corporate Engagement Strategies

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The Next Generation of Digital Community

Businesses adapt to renewed focus on personal connections

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Feature Spotlight: In-App Posts
September 13, 2018

Feature Spotlight: In-App Posts

Learn Why A Content Stream Is A Must-Have For Your Mobile App!

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Want to Build Positive Customer Experience? Start with Your Employees

Delivering an optimal customer experience is, without a doubt, one of the most critical aspects of building a successful business. It is what directly influences the...

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Community Spotlight: A Mobile Ecosystem for Partner Engagement

Communities are all about creating an ecosystem. The audience can differ, but the goal is the same, to be a source where members can go to engage, connect, and learn. 

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Embracing User Generated Content for Enhanced Customer Experience

Why User-Generated Content is the Best for High Customer Engagement

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Mobile Notifications: The Driver for Modern Communications

Communication, as a whole, is an incredibly powerful and necessary process for any business operation. It drives relationships internally and externally, and helps...

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Top 5 Reasons Mobile Apps Power the Re-Emergence of Online Communities

Online, mobile-friendly communities are thriving rapidly in today’s digitized landscape.

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Community Spotlight: Sales Teams Get Connected with the CXApp

The Power of Mobile Technology for Sales

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Expand Your Audience in a Mobile-Minute

More and more, audiences find their news or content consumption needs on social networks. This can be attributed to the massive networks of like-minded individuals ...

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Community Spotlight: The CXApp Is The Place to Express Yourself

Forbes calls 2018 “the year of the Employee Experience,” and for good reason. With the transition to all things mobile, the competition for motivated, skilled talent...

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Designed to safeguard an individual’s data, the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policy has certainly made headlines... and hit your inboxes. In effect as...

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Embracing Peer to Peer Messaging

The Business Benefits of Messaging and Notifications

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Optimizing Your Outreach: Exploring New Content Types

It doesn’t matter what you provide for your customers, the supply must remain consistent or you won’t see repeat business, engagement, and support. Take Apple, for...

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The Value of Incorporating User Interactivity: Polls and More

Engagement is the core focus of any customer-centric business initiative. That’s true whether your focus is on mobile and modern platforms or traditional...

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The CXApp served as the mobile app platform for Aruba's latest event, the Atmosphere 2018 convention, held at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Here, over 3,100 peers in...

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Event Spotlight: Santa Clara, Here We Come!

From San Jose (with Adobe, eBay, and the Tech Museum of Innovation),  across to Cupertino (with the new Apple campus launching this year), up to Mountain View (the...

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The Modern EBC: A Vast “Sea” of Opportunities

At this year’s ABPM (Association of Briefing Program Managers) Spring Conference, the running theme is all about growth and broadening your horizons in the briefing...

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Kick Starting a Mobile-First Community

Research by the Gallup Organization tells us that 70% of employees are actively disengaged. As we now know, the average person has an attention span of eight seconds,...

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3 Tips for Boosting Employee Engagement

With the shift to all things mobile, you now have the opportunity to engage with your employees in a more personal, effective manner, than ever before.

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5 Tips for Combatting Mobile App Attrition

Since 2010, mobile-first web design and standards have taken hold and grown considerably year after year to be what they are today. At that time, Google’s CEO Eric...

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A CXApp Persona Journey: Community Manager

A day in the life series: Volume 5

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2018: Digital Communities Will Drive Business

With each new year, we have a symbolic ‘fresh start,’ a chance for ‘a new beginning’ so to speak. Many of us set resolutions to improve or change our habits and...

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The Slow Decline of PC Intranets and the Rise of Mobile-First

Mobile is the way. A complete digitization of your tools, platforms, and processes is absolutely necessary. 

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Business Persona: Community Member (by The CXApp)

How Online Community Member David Visitus Uses the CXApp

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Un-spam Your Employees And Take Internal Communication Mobile

You’re at work, trying to focus, when all of a sudden your office computer blares out an alert. Next, your phone vibrates, indicating that something new is waiting...

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