May 4, 2017

Engage Viewers in Public Spaces

Upgrading Spaces With Digital Signage

Beyond touch and sight, customer experience walls are a channel for delivering an interactive component to your digital strategy, and the capabilities keep growing. These walls or digital signage touchpoints do more than just capture attention, they draw users and viewers in with unique experiences. 


Integration Points

The concept here is that regardless of your industry, there is opportunity to create a "wow" factor for the onsite customer journey that work with 21st-century technologies to engage your visitors with innovative, collaborative, and custom experiences:


  • Multi-touch. Newer technologies with multi-touch and finger tracking capabilities create dynamic sensory experiences where the consumer drives their own journey.
  • Controllers (IoT). With the advancement of IoT, you can incorporate lift & learn types of experiences for a more contextual experience on a larger scale.
  • Smart. User data can be sourced from things like beacons or existing integrated mobile app technology that can filter the content or data for a more personalized customer experience tailored to the user. 


Digital Spaces