Creating A Content Engine To Spark Community Engagement

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Two thirds of B2B marketers say content is fuel across all channels, including events, social, demand generation, etc. (Kapost).

When it comes to thinking about the different channels you have available for reaching your customers, creating awareness, and getting closer to loyalty - a content feed or streaming news feed could be just the answer. Content feeds are real-time distribution channels to share, promote and source work and community related content that is important for your overall business objectives. Knowledge is power.

If you're not already creating and publishing content as part of your company's strategy, now is the time to start. Content can support early stages by piquing interest, inspire customers by looking at ideas in a new way, or even sharing helpful information that enhances their experience as a potential or existing customer. 

A consistent content stream of relevant and meaningful information (fun too!) can be easily accessible for on-the-go lifestyles that support the customer experience journey through in-app feeds, in-the-moment updates, and up-to-the-minute alerts.

Digital communities and subgroups in and around the enterprise are a great way to connect like-minded people and keep them focused and updated on the topics and trends that matter most to them.

The tools are there, you just have to get started. 

Content Creation Tips For Company News Feeds 


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