May 23, 2019

Event Spotlight: A Journey to Capitol Hill

The Best Meeting Professionals Share Their Wisdom


The CXApp team had the pleasure of taking a trip to our nation's capital, taking in the sights, the culture, the cuisine! And oh yea - we also were there support and participate in the briefing world's largest industry conference. 


Bringing together the most high-performing meeting professionals for three days of networking, collaborating, and even local facility tours, the annual conference was a powerful bill. These amazing individuals oversee some of the most notable executive briefing programs in the country. Needless to say, we learned a lot from them.


On the bill this year, the CXApp helped attendees navigate from session to session, served up real-time notifications for every breakout and meal time to keep attendees enthused and nourished, as well as provide a portal to all things related to the event.


With 3 different tour locations and 2 tour groups per location, attendees were able to make sure they were on-time and boarding the right shuttle to get to their end destination where they could see how other briefing professionals configure, manage, and execute their programs strategy and physical spaces.


So, what were the highlights? Cookies shaped like phones ...  and we got to see seven unique locations in Washington DC. In fact, we were located only a few blocks from the White House! This trip was a monumental win for the industry.


Check out app performance highlights below: 


Event Spotlight - Washington DC 5-2019 - Proof 1 (1)