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Smart Campus

Today's Workplace Experience

What is a smart campus and what does it have to do with the future of work?

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Welcome to the new goal in enterprise digital transformation: creating an interactive, location-aware venue that automatically provides contextual, personalized assistance. This isn't a far-fetched vision of the future. It's already here. 

On this page, we'll explore the smart corporate campus and the changing employee experience. 

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Digital Workplace

Merging Digital and Physical Spaces

A "digital workplace" refers to any devices, software programs or platforms that employees use. As more and more apps and tools come online, workflows become disconnect.

But now, with a campus-specific platform, digital systems that power a business can be combined in one central hub where information is accessible 24/7. Why stop there? Modern tech such as AI, IoT and mobile platforms have made it possible to combine the two separate "realms" - digital touchpoints and our physical spaces, or interactions. 

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Employee Experience

The New Meaning of "Going To Work"

So, what's it like working in a smart campus? 

The main benefits for employees are increased efficiency and a better overall experience. After all, new technology is cool - but that's not the point. The future of work is all about interactive, location-aware spaces that offer personalized messages and reminders, all to make work more enjoyable (less frustrating). 

According to Gallup, 66% of US employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged. The smart campus emphasizes employee experience so that your team can do better.

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Indoor Navigation

Easily Find Your Way

One of the main pillars of a smart venue is location-aware technology. This term refers to a broad range of capabilities such as live indoor/ outdoor mapping with turn-by-turn directions (powered by Bluetooth beacons) and proximity marketing for real-time messaging and usability based on your current location. 

This type of contextually-aware, interactive technology upgrades the digital workplace by sending employees personalized messages and reminders relevant to the exact time and place they're in.

Finding your way across campus, where offices and departments are constantly shifting, is simplified with up-to-date access to campus maps, venue info, and wayfinding tools to keep employees moving efficiently about their day.

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Facility Management Software

Knowledge Is Power

We've discussed how the smart campus changes the future of work from an employee perspective ... but what about the people whose job it is to manage the space itself? 

Facility managers benefit from this tech transformation by having access to real-time geographical data. They can observe points of interest, monitor ingress and egress flows and quickly respond to security threats. 

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"The future of work is all about interactive, location-aware technologies that unify digital systems. Ultimately, it all comes back to exceptional customer and employee experiences."

Leon Papkoff, CEO The CXApp