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So, you want a mobile app? Perhaps your competitors already have one, or perhaps you simply want to be more accessible to your audience.

You've come to the right place. This free resource discusses the benefits of mobile apps for events, meeting planning and sales enablement. You'll also get an overview of the build vs. buy decision, the new trend of using mobile tech to create modern workspaces and how mobile  plays into customer experience . Just select the topic you're interested from the table of contents and start learning!  


Customer Service Expectations

Raising the Bar

Meet the modern customer: they're constantly plugged in and on-the-go. 

This means the modern customer expects faster, more transparent communication. How can you rise to the occasion? By leveraging the power of a mobile communications hub.

Mobile is already the preferred communications channel for most customers (that's why you went through so much trouble to invest in an app!). By creating an always-on portal containing all relevant company information, your team can better engage with your customers - on the channels and at the times most convenient to them. 

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The Customer Journey

You Are the Guide

Your customers are on a journey, from the moment they first hear about your brand until they're enthusiastically recommending your products and services to others. 

Regardless of what stage the customer is at (for instance, they've just perused your website and have a question) mobile provides an avenue to connect on-the-go. That's why having a "mobile-friendly" mindset is so important when designing the customer journey. 

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Voice Activated Customer Experience

Create a Mobile App

Build Vs. Buy

First you must decide whether you're going to build your company app in-house or select an out-of-the-box solution. Building yourself offers several advantages:

  • Back-end integration: your new app will seamlessly integrate with existing systems. 
  • Custom branding and UX: the design can be as sophisticated as you care to make it, while ensuring the user experience is consistent across all channels.

On the other hand, the cost of undertaking such a complex task can be overwhelming, and your team will likely spend a huge amount of time, energy, and budget making this happen. 

If you decide on a SaaS solution, you can expect to reap these benefits:

  • Spend less: sidestep the heavy financial burden with a much lower upfront investment.
  • Partnering with a vendor: the vendor will likely have deep knowledge of mobile app development, your industry and your challenges. 
  • Time Savings: your team can focus on running the business instead of building an app. 
  • Free product updates: over time, regular updates can end up costing as much as the initial development. 
  • Resources and support: you'll have access to free learning tools, such as tips on launching your mobile app and interacting with users. Additionally, it can be comforting to be able to refer to a support team when you run into trouble. 

Of course, this option has its own downside: your app won't be completely customized. A quality partner may work with you to create something special, but that's likely to drive up cost. 

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Mobile Event App

It's All About Engagement

You already know that offering a mobile app helps you better connect with customers - you're easily accessible, anytime, anywhere. But how can a mobile app be helpful when it comes to real-world events?

An app consolidates the attendee experience, creating engagement before, during and even after the in-person event. Additionally, this type of mobile system gathers data and plays a key role in your ability to plan for future events by examining what works and what doesn’t. 

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Meeting Planning Tools

Painless Results

Regardless of whether your meetings program includes a designated Executive Briefing Center, planning meetings is challenging. Your meetings program can be the #1 space where deals happen. Its a cross-section of technology, subject matter experts, topic-focused conversations, and having the right people in the room at the right time, uninterrupted. The goal is to consistently achieve high engagement.

 When using a mobile platform, you're able to create a data-base of information ranging from past presentations and SME performance ratings to future topics.  Additionally, a mobile app provides you with touchpoints that enhance the customer experience, beyond just paper agendas and board room coffee. You'll have access to custom notifications, real-time polling, post-meeting surveys and more. Create connections that go beyond the walls of your headquarters. 

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Sales Enablement Tools

Fueling a Team Effort

A good sales person must be equipped to bridge the gaps between in-person meetings. As you may have guessed, mobile plays a key role in this aspect of sales enablement.

Modern sales enablement is all about team collaboration across departments - combining efforts to wow increasingly savvy customers. Mobile tech helps your team share relevant information on-the-go, with both customers and each other; before, during and even after sales meetings. The app can be a tool that records prospect sentiments and behavioral data, as well as creates reports you can mine for actionable insights. Knowledge is power - use it for more sales wins!

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Workplace Technology

The Future Has Arrived

A digital workplace results from merging physical spaces and cutting-edge digital technology. This type of smart space can interact with people, creating engaging and unique experiences. For instance, "contextually-aware" tech guides users through the real world with features such as indoor mapping, wayfinding and personalized notifications. Talk about impressing employees and guests!

Major corporations are already taking notice and designing new, digital workspaces as a way to increase efficiency and power digital transformation from the inside-out. 

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Customer Experience Tools

The Customer is King

We've discussed several tools that streamline customer experience in arenas such as events, meetings, sales and a business' digital workspace. Mobile is the "glue" that ties all your CX initiatives together. After all, the customer is at the heart of everything.

Better communications through mobile means getting closer to the customer so that you can service them better, as well as provide opportunities for them to help themselves. Mobile isn't just the new tech trend to keep up with, it's a way to re-focus on what has always been most important. 

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