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What Is Employee Engagement

Engaged Employees Lead to Better Outcomes

Beyond general job satisfaction, engagement means you've made a meaningful connection with your employees. They are emotionally compelled to contribute and use discretionary effort to influence the company's direction and business outcomes. It's the difference between someone who just shows up to collect a paycheck vs. someone who truly believes in the organization's mission and is ready to go the extra mile to ensure success. 

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Employee Engagement Strategies

Lead with an EX Mindset

Thanks to the shift to all things mobile, businesses now have the opportunity to engage with employees in a more personal, effective way. Digital platforms make better communication possible; your company's leadership should take advantage of this and be at the forefront of transparent discussions with the workforce. 

The best employee engagement strategies:

  • Create opportunities for collaboration
  • Offer platforms that fit today's digital habits
  • Influence recruiting and long-term placement

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Business Alignment

Employee engagement revolves around building a community, just as you would for customers, only geared towards your workforce instead. This involves designing your culture around cross-functional processes, news, events, and conversations that increase openness. Your employee community will likely involve both physical elements, such as events, and digital components such as an online platform. 

Employees want to:

  • Be informed of all company news, no matter how big or small
  • Feel as though they have a voice that matters
  • Contribute to conversations and learn from others
  • Participate in events and activities
  • Hear from executives and other thought leaders

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Employee Engagement and Digital Workplace Experience

Internal Communication

Communication Should Match Employee Needs

A great way to keep employees engaged is to cut down on noise. Surface the most important communications and make them easily accessible to all team members. Mobile-first strategies are especially useful, since they ensure that relevant employee content and company information can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

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Your Remote Workforce

Nowadays, nearly every team includes members who either travel extensively or do all of their work remotely. This reality complicates your engagement efforts, as you must ensure people who aren't physically present feel equally included.

Workplace 2.0 offers employees greater flexibility - where the office is 'everywhere'.

The digital components of your EX program are going to be crucial to overcoming this obstacle. In fact, if used correctly, tech solutions can boost on-the-go productivity for the entire team as well as support remote employees by offering immediate access to content and real-time news. 

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Workplace of the Future

Mobilize Your Employees

Employee experience (EX) is the future of business success. When employees can use the latest, most efficient technology, they gain valuable access to company-wide tools and systems. Once that happens, prepare to see your productivity increase.

Preparing For A Generation Fueled By Big Data and Modern Technology

Here's what you need to know for the post-pandemic era of worker engagement: 



Employee engagement is fueled by tools that create a collaborative and passionate workplace culture. When implemented correctly, these digital solutions can also provide actionable insights, increase productivity and accelerate decision-making. 


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"Employee engagement has always been crucial to business success. If you're not using the best available technology to help you tackle this age-old challenge, you're simply missing out."
Leon Papkoff CEO

Leon Papkoff, CEO The CXApp