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Building Contextual Awareness Through Data-Driven Workplace Solutions

It’s 10 am, do you know where your co-workers are?

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Q&A w/ Leon Papkoff: Desk Scheduling To Manage Workplace Re-entry

Today we wanted to dive in a little bit and discuss what companies are doing physically and digitally to re-open offices and what we can expect in the short term...

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The Connected Employee Journey: An On-the-Go Experience

Large companies are inherently complex. Work environments in as much are stagnant, but workers come and go. Therefore information is disconnected and piling up. 

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Desk Management Trends 2021
January 12, 2021

Desk Management Trends 2021

2021 will result in a transformation of the way we use and occupy spaces with desk management and hoteling solutions building a malleable foundation for the dynamic...

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Occupancy Metrics Are Necessary For Safe Return To Work Strategies

Occupancy Metric: The occupancy rate, also referred to as a metric, is a KPI used to assess the total capacity of a building or facility. It’s commonly used for...

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The Power of Context In A Built World

In the hyper-speed world of business, where communications are instant, decisions are automated, and attention is currency, the built world is a step behind when it...

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Award of Distinction: A Customer of Innovation

Recognition. Achievement. Innovation. Value.

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Why Location Services Are the New Business Commodity

Business intelligence is the collective process of acquiring data pertaining to your business, customers and operations through modern technologies, applications, and...

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Sample Use Cases for Location Services In the Workplace

For a fully connected smart campus, one major tool stands above all others, mobile, or more specifically the mobile apps available on them. Mobile apps have so much...

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The CXApp Feature Spotlight: Directory

 The Who, What, and Where

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Mobile Apps Bringing New Meaning To Career and Job Fairs

In person job fairs and career fairs may be a bit archaic. With so many online tools for finding jobs and preparing for your future exist, and "who you know" seems to...

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Aruba Atmosphere 2019: Event Tech at Its Best

The CXApp Delivers Location-Aware Experiences for Over 3,500 Attendees

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Q&A with Tim Vanevenhoven (Aruba Meridian) on the Power of 'Location'

How the 'X','Y' of Location is Improving the Workplace Experience 

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Top Tech Trends Shaping University Life

Starting in 2019, Higher Education Campuses Will Become Truly High-Tech Thanks to Smart, Connected Technologies and These Trends

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Meeting Obstacles and How To Overcome Them

6 Tech-Savvy Solutions to Make You a Meeting Planning Pro

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Top 5 Benefits of Geolocation Technology

What To Expect From Indoor Mapping And Wayfinding

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Event Spotlight: Leaving Las Vegas, and All the Better for It

An Industry Conference Powered By Mobile, Location-Aware Tech

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Your A- Z Guide to the New Workplace and Employee Experience

You may have heard terms like “workplace experience” and “smart campus” and wondered “What does that even mean? How can a venue be “smart”, like a tech gadget?”.

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The CXApp Feature Spotlight: Meeting Capabilities

A Mobile, Experiential Approach to Meetings

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Top 7 Ways Location Services Boost Events

Best Applications of Experiential Event Tech

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Feature Spotlight: Live Maps

 The Next Step in Digital Transformation

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The 5 W’s of Smart Venues

The New Corporate Workplace Experience: All You Need to Know

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What Can Location Services and Indoor Navigation Can Do for You?

Modern Location Service and Geospatial Technologies are Transforming the Corporate Campus. Here’s Why.

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The Next Step In Enterprise Digital Transformation: Smart Campus

Why Merging Physical Spaces and Digital Tech is a Winning Strategy

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Aruba ATM 2018 Powered by the Next Generation of Event Tech: The CXApp

How Do You Deliver On-Point Customer Experience to More than 3,100 Attendees at a Major Event? The CXApp, that’s How.

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Smart Workplace Tech Powers the Office of the Future

Engage with your customers, employees, and visitors on a whole new level with location-aware, contextual on-site experiences.

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The CXApp Feature Spotlight: Beacons

Make Way for Location-Aware Tech Innovation!

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To Beacon Or Not to Beacon? At Work, In the Office, At Events

We all know integrating existing and new technologies into your business development plan helps you stay current and relevant.

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New Magic. Beaconing Technology and the Sleight of Hand

No this is not misdirection. I am not going to saw you in half. I have nothing up my sleeve.  Ok, so what’s the gimmick? Beacons.

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