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Trends Shaping the Future of Executive Briefing Programs in 2022

What tech trends are we likely to see taking shape within executive briefing centers throughout 2022? Here are some thoughts.

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The Digital Pivot to Virtual Customer Experience

In a remote business world - all you seem to have is the screens and devices in front of you. Your phone, your laptop, your tablet - and all of the tools and programs...

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Customer Meeting & Executive Briefing Trends 2021

How companies create new and unique experiences that customers remember - will make a measurable impact in this new year and new world of business.

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Leveraging QBRs Effectively In a Remote World

It’s no secret that everything has changed. But for how long? When everyone returns to work en masse, and the market picks up again, business interactions will be...

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Doing Digital Right: Ten Companies With Outstanding Online Newsrooms

Brand Newsrooms are Becoming Increasingly Popular as Organizations Realize the Value of Engaging Customers

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10 Engaging Tips to Boost Meeting Participation

It’s Time for Meetings to Evolve

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Personalization Strategies That Work

Applying Personalization Techniques To Improve CX

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Customer Journey Maps: B2B Common Pitfalls

Using Tech to Travel the Thorny Path to Customer Experience Excellence

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EBC Spotlight: Cyber Security Leader
Digital Customer Experience in a Silicon Valley Executive Briefing Center

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Congratulations Avaya! Winner of the MarCom Award!

Customer experience is crucial for a successful digital transformation, especially if the end goal is to improve and increase engagement. It’s no surprise that Avaya...

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Customer Experience 360 : See What’s Happening In Their World

There are 360° in a full circle. When you identify a point on a circle, you can determine the relative angle. Each time you increase/decrease 1° you’re creating a new...

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