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How Workplace Technology is Powering the Future of Work

Why a holistic worktech solution is essential to your hybrid work strategy and how you can find one that truly elevates your employee experience. 

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People, Places & Processes – How Technology Bridges the Experience Gap

The biggest challenge facing large corporations and the return to work is addressing the current workplace landscape where workers and teams are spread out,...

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The Impressive Power of Data and How It's Shaping Future Offices

For many organizations, return to work timelines are spotty at best. Yeah, the big comeback is on the horizon but right now it tends to carry a general “soon”...

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Office Reopen Dates Delayed, Smart Office Apps Remain At the Forefront

While some may be ready to return to the office, many offices are pushing back official reopen dates. The Delta variant has gained prominence in the U.S. along with...

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