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The State of Work

No, This Is Not the New Normal

The "next" -not new- version of normal is constantly changing and dynamic and potential use cases for how and when we work are yet to be seen. There are 3 factors that come into play here: there is the work itself, the workplace, and the workforce (the people). And each of these will be under the microscope for quite some time. 

Zoom calls and webinars are really just a means to an end. They are not in and of themselves transformative enough for the future of work. In a survey (May 2020) by CoreNet Global, 94% of business plan to bring employees back in waves as part of a phased re-entry plan.

As we usher in a new era of work and business operations, many find themselves staring digital transformation in the face. But are you prepared?


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Other Considerations:

The Health and Wellness of the Workplace

Physical Workplaces and Spaces Take On Thresholds 

We normally attribute health to humans. But now we're talking it in a new context, how healthy is your space? How healthy is your workstation? What is the overall wellness of the workplace? 

Here's a cheeky look at : Cleanliness and Wellness As A New Employee Perk 

In controlled environments like a corporate campus or office space, companies are beginning to lay down foundation for having these types of insights based on a diverse set of qualifications.

  • One major factor is capacity - and being able to set a threshold on how many people your physical space can accommodate. In a JLL workplace recovery survey, companies many companies are setting their capacities at 50% occupancy.

Other considerations to gauge the health of the workplace include HVAC and lighting installations, increased sanitation stations, and other smart building inclusions that overall can deliver a holistic health check of the physical environment.

These data-driven measures arm the workforce with more insights so they can make decisions about how and when they interact with others and enter the workplace. This helps to reduce anxiety and confusion but also influences healthy workplace behaviors.


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Workplace Technology

Start With Short-Term, Plan For Long-Term

The future of work is indeed connected. People, machines, devices, physical spaces... it's all part of a smart workplace ecosystem that has risen. 

Even more specifically, workplace technology has the power to keep employees engaged, make offices safer and more reliable, increase productivity, encourage collaboration, and automate routine tasks that would otherwise put people or jobs at risk. 

But you don't want to run the risk of creating siloed experiences for your teams and operations. Mobile and cloud platforms with plug and play connection points create a central hub for streamlined experiences across the workplace.

When things become more connected, we'll discover benefits like energy efficiency, better insights, cost reductions, and improved services. 

Strategic long-term investment in workplace technology will aim to cover these 3 key factors: 

  • Targeted and personalized communications
  • Active monitoring of people, places, and things across the workplace
  • Low-touch environments and automated, contactless interactions

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Thought leaders are taking big stock in digital transformation programs and workplace technology that can help them begin to plan out what the next version of their workplace looks like for the work itself and the people performing it.

→ See Leon Papkoff and Chargifi CEO, Dan Bladen, discuss changes they expect to see in the office setting. Get the full interview here!



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Re-activating Workplace Experience

Workplace Experience Is Not A Trend

Status quo isn't enough, we have to reinvigorate the workforce and continually identify ways to improve employee experience.

With the growth of the 'gig economy' and attraction of the startup culture, many companies are constantly faced with how to attract and retain top talent. Often times that can boil down to how our employees feel about the work they are doing, the people they are surrounded by, and how the company is validating them. 

Think beyond the perks. The workplace is now an active playground creating experiences that not only stimulate but also inform and provide value to the workforce. With the help of workplace technology, employees can begin to live fully contextual and personalized journeys on-site at the workplace.

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This is creating a shift in workplace experience that puts a focus back on smart, connected spaces and automated interactions.

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In the Meantime, Stay Connected

Addressing the Distributed Workforce

The office is and can be anywhere. Remote work capabilities make it possible to set up shop at home, in transit, and at work. So, with a distributed workforce you have to bring the connection points to them. 

When you build confidence, you build trust. 

The proof is in the data - see how mobile app usage has increased while working from home.

Times of crisis or uncertainty lead to an increased need for information. Transparency and communications are key contributors for keeping people informed and educated.

This comes in the shape of increased communications, up to the minute updates, on-demand access to content, and even fun and engaging activations around people themselves. 

Here's A Playbook For You: Re-activating A Connected Workplace

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Going 'back to work' may be challenging, but we'll help make it easy.


We'll walk you through top considerations and help you 'mobilize' your workforce.

"It's up to us as workplace strategists to continually innovate technology that makes the workplace a smarter, safer, reliable place to be and iterate on those core objectives time and time again."

Leon Papkoff, CEO The CXApp