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Cutting-Edge Mobile Solutions for Events

Why a mobile solution for your events program?

No other technology offers as many comprehensive benefits in one package. We've compiled all the information you need on what the best event tech can do.

Most importantly, your digital solution should make it easy for guests to navigate the event show floor while simultaneously increasing on-site engagement. A good platform will provide pre, during, and post-event touchpoints that keep you connected with your attendees.

When it comes to event tech, choose an all-in-one solution that is flexible, scalable, and consistent from event to event, year after year. 

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Here's a helpful event tech checklist to get you started: So You Want New Event Tech?

In-App Event Check In

Registering for and checking into an event can be cumbersome. The excitement you feel as an attendee can be easily overshadowed by waiting in long lines to receive your badge and rifling through registration papers. 

A state-of-the-art "check in" system shakes that up. 

How to streamline your process with a ‘check-in’ feature 

Social Media Campaigns

Using social media to promote your event is no longer an innovative idea; it's the norm. Event planners are expected to leverage this technology in the best way possible.

Instead of simply scheduling a series of posts across several platforms, unleash the potential of social media as an engagement solution. You can best accomplish this by having an activity feed encouraging user-generated content. 

Why Fun, Social Is So Important
How to Leverage Proximity Marketing To Craft Your Campaign
Why Social Mapping Enhances Attendee Experience

Need help crafting messages? Use this checklist: 

How To Create Mobile Notifications That Get Results

Activity Feeds

Static interfaces are a thing of the past. Attendees prefer real-time, contextual information. For that reason, feeds are wiping the floor with stagnant UI and design strategies. The added benefit of this approach is that it also allows you to read the temperature of the event while it unfolds. 

What Goes Into An Activity Feed
How To Use Your Activity Feed for Gamification

Smart Digital Signs

Engagement displays are a fun way to incorporate social feeds, popular hashtags, news and promos in a large format to excite and delight your guests.

See How To Put Your Story On the Big Screen
Tips On How To Increase Engagement
Learn About Other Technologies That Are Interactive

Location Services

Location services refers to the family of unique features available thanks to bluetooth beacons. These include indoor mapping (think of it as GPS for your venue) and personalized, contextual communications.

Imagine guests receiving a welcome message greeting them by name the instant they arrive at the event. Such a notification may contain instructions for registration. Or, perhaps when a guest is near a particular convention center booth, a notification pops up on their smartphone enticing them to stop by. With this technology, it’s possible to build a truly interactive experience tailored to each guest.

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Ways to Create Contextual-Aware Events
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You know collecting data is necessary to building better events and staying ahead of the competition. But simply asking guests to fill out a survey at the end of your event isn’t enough.

A smart mobile app will collect information before, during, and after attendees are on-site. Then, the insights are distributed to your entire team - easily accessible in perpetuity.

Why Mobile Apps Should Collect Data Before, During, and After
Why A SaaS Model Helps Retain Data

See an event app in action right action here: 

Aruba’s Atmosphere 2018 Was Powered by the Next Generation of Event Tech

Now that you've learned so much, we'll leave you with some predictions: 

Looking Ahead: Mobile Event Technology Trends 2019 and Beyond



Our team will be happy to give you more information as you research different event tech solutions. 

In the meantime, if you want to see The CXApp in action at a major Aruba Networks event, check out this short video.

"The right event technology makes a world of difference in the kind of customer experience you can provide at events where attention is currency."
Leon Papkoff CEO

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