April 18, 2019

Your A- Z Guide to the New Workplace Experience

What Can the Smart Campus Mobile App Do For You?

You may have heard terms like “workplace experience” and “smart venue” and wondered “What does that even mean? How can a venue be “smart”, like a tech gadget?”.

Welcome to the next level of digital transformation. The goal is for both customer and employee experiences to be completely seamless across digital and in-person interactions. This has given rise to smart venues, spaces in which digital systems converge with your physical surroundings in order to give you personalized, location-aware, contextually-relevant assistance.

Such “smart” spaces are becoming the standard corporate campus - hence the new “workplace experience”. It makes perfect sense that employees are more engaged and productive when working in a space geared to make each individual’s challenges easier to overcome.

Now here’s another question: “How can so much change be delivered via a mobile platform?”. To answer that, we’ve prepared an infographic to walk you through all the features and benefits:


smart campusworkplace experience

smart campus