What Students Are Looking For In A Collegiate Mobile App

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College students are often called “digital natives”. As members of Gen Z/iGen, these individuals have grown up with technology. They use it to communicate with friends, shop, travel and even study. While it’s true that older individuals can be extremely tech-savvy, often, analog approaches won’t even occur to members of Gen Z. Technology - especially mobile - is the first choice when it comes to answering any particular question.


So, what do college students need on campus? You’ve probably guessed.


A connected campus experience. Smart venue tech is a new trend that’s already transforming the workplace experience and trickling through to other spaces like college campuses, universities and even hospitals and museums. It’s all about enhancing a physical environment with digital touchpoints in order to create interactive, personalized, location-aware experiences.


A collegiate mobile app, specific to their school, is part of a comprehensive “smart campus” system. Take a look at what it can provide:


Student Wishlist_ The Ideal Higher Education App

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