January 31, 2019

What Makes an Online Community Manager Successful?

The Qualities Needed to Build Digital Brand Communities


“Don’t make delighting your community members a one-time incident. Create a lasting relationship with your users” – Teresa Wu


Creating real relationships between a business and its customers as well as strong engagement on online channels is much easier said than done. These are somewhat abstract goals that companies aim for but don’t necessarily know how to tackle. That’s where the community manager comes in.


This professional is responsible for the company’s overall communications with its audience, ensuring positive customer experiences and brand reputation. Why is this role so important? Consider that one-third of Internet users follow their favorite brands on social networks. That amounts to a lot of people and a great opportunity to build brand loyalty.


The community manager oversees both growing community membership and managing that digital space, often by using social media tools. It’s a complicated job.


So, what makes a good community manager?

We’ve compiled a list of the qualities that lead to success in this field: