February 21, 2019

An Intelligent Ecosystem of Partners and Integrations

Collaborative Systems are Smarter


To wrap up February, the month of love, we’re shining the spotlight at our partners. Collaboration is a good thing, and our experience has taught us that everyone wins when truly exceptional products and services are created.


The world of B2B software is complex and no one company can be the best at everything. More integrated systems are smarter, working together to access data from other sources for a more immersive offering.


Just think of a smartphone. Making calls is essential, and phones were certainly popular enough when that was their only capability. But add emailing, listening to music, taking photos, accessing social media, shopping, and a lot of other things, and you create a product no one can live without. Quite literally.


Definition of nomophobia: “fear of being without access to a working cell phone”.


So, without further ado, our ecosystem of integration partners help us create a central hub for customer experience, employee engagement, and building communities within your organization:

 partner integrations