October 18, 2018

Video Post: Smart Tech Powers the Office of the Future

Engaging With Your Users on a Whole New Level

Meetings just got a whole lot smarter! In partnership with Aruba Networks beaconing technology and Meridian software, the CXApp can help you deliver enhanced workplace experiences. Why do you need an enhanced workplace? Well, if you’re in the corporate world, or let’s face it, any business operation that has a solid workforce, then you’ve probably experienced these types of issues.:


  • Late arrivals to meetings
  • Confusion on where to go or where rooms are located (larger corporate campus)
  • Inefficient meeting flows
  • Lack of information for customers once they are on-site
  • Irrelevant experiences or information


Enhanced workplace experiences addresses these issues by tackling time, efficiency, and context. 


Leveraging the type of mobile technology that is smart enough to know who you are and where you are bridges the digital with the physical and puts a better experience in the hands of employees and customers. Let’s take a look at some of the experiential engagement capabilities that are powering the smart offices of the future:



Any venue can be outfitted with a cost-effective beaconing network that automatically identifies a user’s locations within a given spaces for indoor mapping capabilities.



Users can leverage their mobile device as a digital “compass” to effortlessly navigate from Location A to Location B and search for points of interest within a given space. 


Active Campaigns:

Customers can receive notifications, promotions, and content when they are within range of a beacon that has an experiential trigger engaged. 


Personalized Notifications:

Experiences become even more personalized with customer-specific notifications that can include user name, company, and title for that white-glove touch. 


See how your program managers, event planners, employees, and customers can get more value from their devices with location-powered services. Check out this video!




Even more intrigued? Check this out: https://info.thecxapp.com/smart-mobile-app-for-meetings-whitepaper