Top 5 Benefits of Geolocation Technology

By Diana Serrano

What To Expect From Indoor Mapping And Wayfinding


Chances are, at some point, you’ve used GPS to guide you when driving (unless you live under a rock). So you should have no problem imagining the usefulness of indoor mapping in a venue - just like GPS for your car, only this works both indoors and outdoors and helps users navigate all the nooks and crannies of a large public venue.


That brings us to discussing the broader category of “location services”, which encompasses indoor mapping and wayfinding powered by Bluetooth beacons in addition to more specialized capabilities such as proximity marketing, asset tracking, improved crowd control and security, etc. Setting up a smart venue with the full range of location services tech features is a big investment. This is not a decision you can make lightly.  


So, what will you be getting for your money in this arena? What will your new and improved space look and feel like? Let’s dive in to the main benefits with our latest original infographic:


How Location Services Can Bring Your Venue to Life



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