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Distributed Workforce Communication Goals

In times of crisis, communication is goal #1. Employees, teams, partners, stakeholders, you name it - need regular and focused communication around different facets...

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Keeping Employees Engaged In Today’s Work-from-Home Climate

Even before the current times within which we work, many organizations were shifting to remote and home-based work operations. If not full time, more and more people...

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Five Best Campaigns That Prove B2B Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Get Inspired With These Examples of Innovative Brand Communication

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Doing Digital Right: Ten Companies With Outstanding Online Newsrooms

Brand Newsrooms are Becoming Increasingly Popular as Organizations Realize the Value of Engaging Customers

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CX Stories We Love: The Relationship Between A Business and Customers

Customer Experience Feats That Make it Valentine’s Day Every Day

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The Next Step In Enterprise Digital Transformation: Smart Campus

Why Merging Physical Spaces and Digital Tech is a Winning Strategy

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Customer Engagement Powered by Social Media and Brand Communities

Strengthen Your CX Program With Online Communities

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The Next Generation of Digital Community

Businesses adapt to renewed focus on personal connections

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Feature Spotlight: In-App Posts
September 13, 2018

Feature Spotlight: In-App Posts

Learn Why A Content Stream Is A Must-Have For Your Mobile App!

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CX Humor: Who Knew?
August 16, 2018

CX Humor: Who Knew?

The Amusing Side of Modern Marketing Challenges. Prepare to Laugh

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Hashtags, Emojis, GIFs..Oh My!

How To Speak the Language of the Internet

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Expand Your Audience in a Mobile-Minute

More and more, audiences find their news or content consumption needs on social networks. This can be attributed to the massive networks of like-minded individuals ...

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Community Spotlight: The CXApp Is The Place to Express Yourself

Forbes calls 2018 “the year of the Employee Experience,” and for good reason. With the transition to all things mobile, the competition for motivated, skilled talent...

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Workplace Persona: Event Director (by The CXApp)

How Events Director Von Display uses the CXApp

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Embracing Peer to Peer Messaging

The Business Benefits of Messaging and Notifications

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Feature Spotlight: SMS Invites

Find Out How the CXApp Boosts Your Communications With SMS!

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Your Guide to Sales Enablement: Following the Lead

The Power of Following Up with Customers in the EBC and Beyond

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Event Spotlight: Santa Clara, Here We Come!

From San Jose (with Adobe, eBay, and the Tech Museum of Innovation),  across to Cupertino (with the new Apple campus launching this year), up to Mountain View (the...

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Kick Starting a Mobile-First Community

Research by the Gallup Organization tells us that 70% of employees are actively disengaged. As we now know, the average person has an attention span of eight seconds,...

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Content Engagement Strategies for the Modern Consumer

Creating Perpetual Engagement in Your Online Communities

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The idea of a prosumer, or the prosumer effect has been around for a long time now. To ensure we’re on the same page, we’ll cover the basics real quick. A prosumer is a...

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3 Tips for Boosting Employee Engagement

With the shift to all things mobile, you now have the opportunity to engage with your employees in a more personal, effective manner, than ever before.

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Streaming News Tactics for Your Business

The Power of Social Features for Staying Connected

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2018: Digital Communities Will Drive Business

With each new year, we have a symbolic ‘fresh start,’ a chance for ‘a new beginning’ so to speak. Many of us set resolutions to improve or change our habits and...

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Targeting a generation fueled by big data and modern technology

With each generation comes a remapping of the workplace or the modernization of business. Gen X’ers, for example, were known for their work ethic, fighting the good...

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Create an Online, Mobile-First Community for Deeper Engagement

A key element to running a successful business is to engage your customers. Customer experience is a living breathing thing, it does not stay stagnant, it is...

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Your Social Feed, Your Way, In the CXApp

The power of social feeds for ongoing connection - on #SMDay

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Gamification Ideas to Boost Engagement

In honor of National Scavenger Hunt Day, we thought we'd take a look at a few ideas, including scavenger hunts, that could gamify your mobile app initiatives.

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In-App Mobile Messaging Conversations Are the New Standard

The New Trend To Watch In Communications

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Feature Spotlight: Activity Stream

Find Out How This Feature Enhances the Social Aspect of Any Event or Meeting!

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Event and Meeting Check-In Made Easy

Registering for and checking into an event can be cumbersome or difficult. The excitement you have for an event can be overshadowed by waiting in long lines to...

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Building A Community: Customers & Collaboration

I lost my dog. Well, I didn’t lose her per se, but she slipped through an open gate without her collar on. I noticed she was missing probably no more than 15 minutes...

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The Language of Things: Slang, Emojis, Reactions

In 2015, Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year wasn’t a word at all. It was an emoji: face with tears of joy. It was the first time in history that a picture was...

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Social Mapping: Charts for Enhanced Insight

Did you know that 94% of online adults have at least one social media account, and social media advertising is growing at a rate of 20% per year? In fact, social...

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The Social Nature of Events
January 3, 2017

The Social Nature of Events

Harness the power of the natural, physical and digital world of social for your events

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Tips to Increase Event Engagement

What Participation Should Look Like in Modern Events

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Writing Your Company’s Social Story - Lessons from Dr. Seuss

“Technology and social media have brought power back to the people,” Mark McKinnon. 

To understand the power of social media for growing brand awareness and...

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