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Personalization Strategies That Work

Applying Personalization Techniques To Improve CX

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January 17, 2019

Tech That Will Rule The World

Takeaways From CES 2019

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January 10, 2019

The State Of Customer Experience In 2019

CX Trends That Will Shape The New Year

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January 3, 2019

Niche Digital Communities Are The Way Of The Future

Because Of The Benefits They Provide, Specialized Online Communities and Brand Communities Have Begun To Overtake Traditional Platforms

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December 18, 2018

Introducing Your Most Valuable Sales Tool - The Executive Briefing Center

Sales Enablement Has Changed Irrevocably Due to Modern Tech.

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November 27, 2018

Community Software Is Not Dead

The Technology Behind Creating Digital Communities is Alive and Well - It Has Only Changed

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November 20, 2018

HPE and the Transformed Executive Briefing Center Experience

Top Palo Alto EBC Manager Shows the CXApp at Work

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October 26, 2018

EBC Spotlight: Creating a 'Smart' Onsite Experience

The Three Ingredients of a Triumphant Digital Transformation
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October 11, 2018

So You Want New Event Tech?

10 Tips for Evaluating and Incorporating Event Planning Solutions

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October 9, 2018

Customer Engagement Powered by Social Media

Strengthen Your CX Program With Online Communities

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October 4, 2018

Digital Natives and Customer Experience

Mobile-First CX is Key to Understanding Digital Natives; The Generations Who Spend Their Daily Lives Engorged On Tech


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September 25, 2018

Hyperlocation In the Enterprise: Syncing the Place of Your Data

In the EBC or during public events it’s important to know where your customers are, both physically and digitally. Physically, it’s about knowing their.

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June 13, 2018

From Rolodex to Robots: Why Automation Matters In the Modern EBC


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April 24, 2018

Evolving the EBC: How AI and Machine Learning Can Make a Difference

Technology Advancements in the Executive Briefing Center

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April 17, 2018

The Modern EBC: A Vast “Sea” of Opportunities

At this year’s ABPM (Association of Briefing Program Managers) Spring Conference, the running theme is all about growth and broadening your horizons in.

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April 10, 2018

Ideas for Launching a Mobile Experiential Engagement Campaign - Chapter III: Wayfinding

Starting a grassroots experiential engagement campaign can be a daunting task. But when you’ve got a mobile driver, steering the way through becomes a.

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April 3, 2018

The Trends Shaping Customer Experience

It’s time to accept the inevitable. Your customers now hold the power to make or break your business. Their expectations are increasing in proportion.

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March 29, 2018

Ideas for Launching a Mobile Experiential Engagement Campaign - Chapter II: Augmented Reality

Off the cusp of our recent publication—if you haven’t already read part one, you can do so here — we’re moving on to talk about one of the most.

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March 27, 2018

Ideas for Launching a Mobile Experiential Engagement Campaign - Chapter I: Beaconing

The First Part of Our Mobile Engagement Campaign Series Explains Location Services

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March 20, 2018

The Top Tech Trends from CES 2018

This year's CES is proving to be an interesting one. With blackouts, rain interferences, cool new tech, and 'smart experiences, we're monitoring the.

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January 11, 2018

Which technological trends will differentiate your business in the new year?

2018 is upon us. There’s much talk about smart, intelligent, data-driven, virtual experiences. But what will drive business and customer trends in the.

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January 3, 2018

Targeting a generation fueled by big data and modern technology

With each generation comes a remapping of the workplace or the modernization of business. Gen X’ers, for example, were known for their work ethic,.

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December 12, 2017

2018: Top Briefing Trends

The speed of innovation is rapidly increasing. In 2018, it’s important for enterprises to run a flexible and scalable briefing program that engages.

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December 7, 2017

Voice Activated Customer Experience

Voice assistant devices like Amazon Echo (Alexa), Siri, Google Assistant (Google Home), and Microsoft’s Cortana are revolutionizing both customer.

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December 5, 2017

Congratulations Avaya! Winner of the MarCom Award!

Customer experience is crucial for a successful digital transformation, especially if the end goal is to improve and increase engagement. It’s no.

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November 14, 2017

ABPM: Our Journey with the CXApp

The CXApp is the leading provider of mobile event and community services for the Association of Briefing Program Managers (ABPM). ABPM is a community.

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July 13, 2017

IoT and Me: A CX Approach to the Internet of Things

It’s not uncommon for businesses to adopt new technologies and launch new marketing initiatives from a siloed perspective. When consumer adoption of.

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February 16, 2017

Strategies of a 21st Century Planner

In an era of constant change and accelerating innovation, it's the people that are incorporating technological advancements and highly personalized.

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February 6, 2017

Empowering Business Interactions with Connected Devices

Smart. Connected. Future. Preparing for a smart connected future where devices that talk to each before talking to you. At the 2017 International.

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January 19, 2017

From CES to Your Briefing Program: Innovative Ideas

CES is one of the biggest and most influential annual technology showcases, and the 2017 event did not disappoint. Advances in virtual reality,.

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January 11, 2017