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Introducing the Cast: Smart Campus

The Personas that Use and Benefit From a ‘Smart Campus’ Mobile App

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Event Spotlight: A Journey to Capitol Hill

The Best Meeting Professionals Share Their Wisdom

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Persona Spotlight: Campus Visitor

Engage Onsite Visitors With a Smart Campus Mobile Platform

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Top 5 Challenges in the EBC and How to Overcome Them

Adopting a Cross-Functional Business Strategy to Power Your Executive Briefings

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What Does the New Customer Experience Landscape Look Like?

Key Technologies Influencing CX Today

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10 Engaging Tips to Boost Meeting Participation

It’s Time for Meetings to Evolve

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Q&A with The CXApp CEO: AI and the Customer Experience Journey

Inside the CX Universe with @LeonPapkoff

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Personalization Strategies That Work

Applying Personalization Techniques To Improve CX

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The Numbers: Customer Experience Mobile App Results

B2B Smart Meeting Tech Performance Review

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Five Bone-Chilling Customer Experience Mistakes

On the Eve of Halloween, We Explore Common Missteps That Can Lead to Downfall 

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Playing the CMO: Digitization, Data, and Mobile Apps

Over the last decade, the role of the CMO has evolved considerably. Once a marketing-centric role that entailed stewardship of a brand, this job description has been...

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Metrics or Bust: The CX Insights You’ll Need Most to Succeed

The Value Of Data For the Customer Experience Journey


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The Top 5 Reasons Mobile Apps Power the Re-Emergence of Online Communities

Online, mobile-friendly communities are thriving rapidly in today’s digitized landscape.

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Community Spotlight: The CXApp Is The Place to Express Yourself

Forbes calls 2018 “the year of the Employee Experience,” and for good reason. With the transition to all things mobile, the competition for motivated, skilled talent...

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2018 and Beyond: Trends for an Optimal CX Strategy

Wow. We’re sure you realize it, but we’re already halfway through the year. It seems like only yesterday we were looking ahead at 2018, trying to discern where things...

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Designed to safeguard an individual’s data, the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policy has certainly made headlines... and hit your inboxes. In effect as...

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Ah, the five W’s of customer communication and the general customer journey. Principles as old as time.

Who, what, when, where, and why?

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Mobile App KPI's to Keep Top of Mind

Tips for Evaluating Mobile App Performance

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Streaming News Tactics for Your Business

The Power of Social Features for Staying Connected

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The Top Tech Trends from CES 2018

This year's CES is proving to be an interesting one. With blackouts, rain interferences, cool new tech, and 'smart experiences, we're monitoring the trends coming out...

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