Staying Competitive In CX: Studying the Top Blogs

By Andrea Susman

Customer experience is an always-on, ever-evolving and on-demand platform. Many of these concepts have been discussed time and time again, and they still hold today. Another way to look at it, however, is that CX is a highly-competitive sport. Yes, sport.


The more obvious comparison is that customer experience programs must play both offense and defense at times. In a sport, like football, success is often determined not just by how long one team has the ball — although more is generally better — but also how well they perform during possession. A good offensive lineup can continue pushing forward, lessening the need for defense to step up. 


The best defense is a strong offense, so to speak. The same is true of the business world, specifically when it comes to building incredible customer experiences. By focusing on forward-facing customer strategies, the business can continue engaging and wowing it’s audience, continually moving down the field to the endzone.


CX channels are also highly-competitive, and require a strong, coherent brand-identity. There must always be solid and clear communications between everyone on a sports team, coaches and players alike. In the CX world, things are no different.


When it comes to defining, creating or even driving a good customer experience journey, you must have your fingers on the pulse of what’s trending. That means studying policies, procedures, processes and even the latest technologies. You have to regularly study your competition, prepare for the game, and train train train to cover every angle imaginable and secure a win.


The problem with keeping track of all these things is that it’s often way too much to aggregate even for a reliable, skilled team. Naturally, it gets broken down on and off the playing field into different positions. That’s why any good team is the sum of its parts, with many different roles from players to coaches and outlying support professionals.


To win at CX, companies must prioritize their customers, and it makes perfect sense why. Client-centric companies are 60% more profitable compared to companies not focused on the customer.


Learning from the World Around You

Drawing information and insights from the world around you is a huge part of achieving success, not just in the business world but in sports, as well. The goal is to create a system of perpetual engagement on all fronts, as customer experience programs continually improve and evolve and customers continue to interact in the long-term.


Team members must work together to create a well-oiled, winning machine, drawing from outside channels to influence their decisions and actions. In business or customer experience specifically, that means drawing from the outside world, by keeping a finger on the pulse of the market.


That’s precisely why a lot of CX blogs can be leveraged so well. They highlight best practices, new ideas, mistakes and messes and most of all, successes. 


Top Blogs Covering Customer Experience 

Every CX professional should strive to learn something new every day. Here are some of the best places you can go to learn:


  1. CMS Wire - The top-level source for customer experience, marketing tech, digital workplace solutions and information management. Everyone who’s anyone should have CMS Wire bookmarked as a place to go, daily.


  1. SuperOffice Blog - A renowned CRM company, the SuperOffice blog contains a ton of information on the practical side of customer programs.


  1. MyCustomer - For a more authoritative voice, the MyCustomer blog includes pieces from thought leaders and experienced editors, all about customer-centricity.


  1. Customer Bliss - Jeanne Bliss is one of the most talented and ingenious thought leaders in the CX space, and she shares a lot of her insights on her blog, ripe for the taking.


  1. CXPA Blogs - Sourced from talented CX professionals with incredible experience in the field, the CXPA blogs channel features an array of guides and informative think pieces. 


  1. CMS Wire Customer Experience Channel - Like a many-headed beast — think the Hydra — CMS Wire has an array of separate channels. The Customer Experience Channel (CXM) is dedicated to providing news, advice and analysis on the customer-first market.


  1. CX Network - Unsurprisingly, the CX network provides a wide range of delightful content that focuses on customer experience inspiration and insight. You get guides and how-tos, news updates, opinion and think-pieces and much more.


  1. Customer Experience Magazine - If you want to keep a finger on the pulse of CX, Customer Experience Magazine is certainly one place to do it. Covering all topics from digital and customer experience to complaint handling and call center strategies, there’s plenty to consume and learn.


  1. CMS Wire Digital Experience Channel - Back again, CMS Wire takes another spot on the list with its Digital Experience Channel. Expect to find the latest news, advice, opinions and analysis on anything digital customer experience-oriented.


  1. People Metrics CX Blog - The People Metrics blog houses content from CEM experts that are down in the trenches, working day-in and day-out on customer experience programs. If you want to know what’s happening in the real world, check this one out.


  1. CX Journey - Offering direct advice and insights from those in the know, the CX Journey blog covers a wide variety of CX-related topics from the psychology of UX design to hot trends happening in the sector.


  1. Customer Experience Update - Serving as an aggregate to many sources, the customer experience update channel offers a wealth of information on the CX world.


  1. The CXApp - Proprietary insights on the world of CX as it relates to the enterprise space, covering hand-crafted journeys and considerations to succeed in business with a mobile-first mindset.


Streamline the Customer Experience Journey

At the end of the day, customer experience is never the same thing twice, and cannot be pre-defined no matter what you do or how hard you plan things out. That’s because every customer is different, and every person is going to have an experience of their own based on a series of factors, personal preferences and real-time events.


You can, however, do your best to plan things out by streamlining what the actual journey looks like. Above all, you should be aligning your teams so they follow a strict set of internal standards, which collectively make the most sense for your business and products and keeping an eye on what’s going on in the industry.

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