May 24, 2019

Modern Venue Operations in the Smart Corporate Space

How Mobile Helps Provide Efficient, Connected Experiences


Modern customers and employees demand omni-channel experiences that span both physical, “real-life” experiences and digital systems. To imagine what that looks like, just think “effortless”.


As an employee, you don’t waste time trying to find information or get your message across to other team members. Digital systems work with you, sending you personalized reminders and helpful suggestions that are relevant to where you are in space, what you’re doing in the moment, and exactly what you need next.


As a customer, it means that all your interactions with a brand are one long “conversation”. You don’t have to repeat your preferences or complaints. In-person experiences are tailored to your needs, from offers exclusive to your exact location or custom digital signage.  


Smart spaces are at the heart of delivering such “continuous” brand experiences for employees and customers alike. This means modern venues are the culmination of innovations in IOT, AR, geolocation, and other technologies. As you can imagine, overseeing this next-gen space is not for the faint of heart. In fact, mobile is the only way to do it.


Here’s why:


Mobile Venue Aps