Introducing the Cast: Smart Campus

By The CX App

The Personas that Use and Benefit From a ‘Smart Campus’ Mobile App


Here at the CXApp, we regularly publish one pagers called “persona spotlights”.

These are quick overviews of the organizational roles that our platform serves. 


When it comes to an emerging industry such as interactive large public venue (LPV) technology - or more specifically, the smart corporate campus - this exercise helps us make predictions about what will delight users. That way, we can first to offer the features that make a difference!


For instance, what kind of data does a workplace operations director need to adapt the physical space on a corporate campus to the real-time needs of visitors and employees? What are the critical moments when employees want personalized, contextual notifications? How can we better connect the account manager with the visitor to create meaningful experiences?


The infographic below will introduce you to our personas for all things smart campus. Hope their names make you smile:

Smart Campus Personas

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