Introducing the Cast: Events Industry

By The CX App

The Personas that Use and Benefit From an ‘Events’ Mobile App


Here at the CXApp, we regularly publish one pagers called “persona spotlights”. These are quick overviews of the organizational roles that our platform serves. 


This exercise helps us take a deep dive into each industry we serve - in this instance, events - and really examine the kinds of features and capabilities each role requires to be successful. 


What does an attendee hope to get out of an internal company event or conference? Where are the pain points? How do the CMO and events director collaborate to set goals and share them with the rest of the team, such as the discussion leaders?


It’s a lot of questions, but that’s okay. The fun part of our own jobs is coming up with the answers. Take a look below to meet our personas for all things events. And yes, they have the coolest names:



Events Personas

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