July 11, 2019

Event Spotlight: Heading Down to Sunny Mexico

Multiple Localized Versions Of the Same Engaging Event - In One Mobile App!


The communications industry is certainly complex: there are a lot of new developments to keep up with, and it can be overwhelming. Thankfully, industry leaders (like our awesome customers and partners) organize events where employees, customers, partners, vendors and investors can get together and obtain the latest information. 


Our team had the pleasure of supporting an industry event in sunny Mexico! We spent a day in lovely Mexico City, overseeing the activity of over 7,800 attendees in two separate language groups and 26 total breakout sessions for training and learning. It's uncommon for one app to support multiple language sub-events at the same time, but hey, it's all in a day's work. 


This year, event attendees got to experience a brand new feature: the agenda filter! This tool enables users to filter their agendas by room name, title, session ID or even speaker which is ideal for a jam-packed live event that goes by all too quickly. 


This one day whirlwind wrapped up with an exciting Solutions Expo where sponsors discussed their new products and attendees had the ability to fill out what was called a "passport for the prizes" for each booth they visited, in the hopes of winning a video conferencing device. We weren't among the lucky prize winners, but we win in other ways, don't we?!

Check out the mobile event app highlights: 


Event Spotlight Mexico City