October 24, 2019

Event Spotlight: Croatia Is Calling and I Must Go

At the crossroads of southern and central Europe, the CXAp belongs. 


With over 1,200 islands, isles, and inlets, Croatia made for a historic and relaxing choice for an EMEAR based conference. In support of another global conference, the CXApp team traveled to Sibenik to be on-site and on-call for mobile-first event experiences. 


Our first event in the EMEA region was a success as most things in the region tend to be (hint: Game of Thrones)! And while we weren't riding dragons and chasing white walkers, we work hard and play hard. 


The 4 day event hosted attendees across 6 different hotels and attracted nearly 1,700 attendees to the Dalmatian coast. Given the nature of the small town, attendees maximized their time by having everything at their fingertips. No more searching through emails for session times or tracking down networking information... it's all right there powered by the CXApp. 


With close to 200,000 app sessions, attendees were busy using the app for everything from communications, to surveys, to information on speakers. In fact the most used tool in the app was the Agenda page, as it should be for any fully functioning event.


But event organizers made sure to include downtime and 'disconnected' opportunities too, so that those visiting the historic location could to take in the sites, breathe the salty air, and even book some morning beach-time yoga! 




Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 10.09.47 AM