EBC Spotlight: Cyber Security Leader

By The CX App
Digital Customer Experience in a Silicon Valley Executive Briefing Center
The global leader in cyber security turns to The CXApp for their digital customer experience initiatives. Our digital society wants to feel safe and be protected in a cloud, cloud world - but they also want to keep in step with the latest advancements in technology that power great customer service. 
The Executive Briefing Center is where customer engagement happens with executives and subject matters experts, so customers can be heard and hear new things: vision, roadmap, product demonstrations and so on. 
The CXApp helps open the walls of the EBC to facilitate a shared discussion amongst EBC team members and the customer. It's these types of conversations that reveal customer pain points, which in turn helps drive the right type of solution on an individual customer basis. 
Every in-person experience is unique and the mobile platform facilitates a natural flow through customized agendas, real-time alerts and customer insights that pushes digital customer experience to the forefront. Let's see how innovation pulses through this EBC in Silicon Valley. 
Symantec CXApp

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