EBC Spotlight: Creating a 'Smart' Onsite Experience

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The Three Ingredients of a Triumphant Digital Transformation
Digital transformation starts from the inside out. In order for a company to implement such a radical organizational change, it should align people, processes and tools. 
The people need to champion technology that echoes their company's initiatives. The processes need to make organizational steps towards digitization efforts easier to take. And the tools need to be innovative, mobile-friendly, and scalable for the business. 
The most sophisticated companies know this, and are perfecting their own formula. When it comes to customer experience, once you have people, processes, and tools working in concert, business can happen at the speed of engagement.
These three elements will ensure you can successfully adopt a digital-first business strategy - one that includes new technology solutions and meets the demands of today's consumers. 
Take a look out how a cybersecurity organization is pushing the envelope with their Executive Briefing Program by creating a unique onsite customer experience journey. This company's approach is mobile-first and uses real-time insights to actively listen to and collaborate with their customers.
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