May 14, 2019

A Video Introduction to the Campus Solution

@LeonPapkoff and @tvaneven Discuss Trends in the Modern Workplace Solved by a Mobile App.


What does the future of work look like? Many companies, including notable tech giants in Silicon Valley, are beginning to answer this question. By bringing digital transformation to their corporate campus, these businesses are updating our understanding of workplace experience


The corporate campus is a sprawling venue in which employees, customers, visitors and partners interact. Technology can bring this environment to life, making it interactive, location-aware and user-friendly. Picture a campus where all digital systems are unified in one mobile platform, where you can search for any people, places or information across all company sites and tools simultaneously. In this smart environment, you'll never be lost thanks to turn-by-turn directions. If you need to have an impromptu meeting or book a workspace, you can do so while on-the-go. Any experience in this physical environment is augmented by digital technology.


Welcome to the future of work. It's already here. Brought to you by the CXApp:



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