January 24, 2019

Community Spotlight: Delivering An Experience ... Not Just the News

One Year Performance Results for Digital News Community
When it comes to delivering news to digital minded audiences, a mobile app platform is the way to go. The speed of innovation has exacerbated the rate of information exchange. Reporters are working under extreme pressure and deadlines to find and promote newsworthy stories. Likewise, the public has developed an insatiable appetite for the latest and the greatest. 
That's why the CXApp partnered with a multinational tech company to create a digital newsroom that personalizes the experience for its readers and keeps them connected anytime, anywhere to the topics and news that matter most to them. 
Hot-off-the-press newsroom content covers company stories that span executive insights, press releases, blogs, customer viewpoints, videos, difference-maker conversations and more!  
When building the digital newsroom, we incorporated 4 key business requirements: continuous content delivery capabilities, metrics for awareness and engagement, easily discoverable content, and of course a mobile-first mindset. 
It's been a year since the rollout of this high performance newsroom and the couldn't be more 'wowed' by the results this community has achieved.
Here are the highlights: