December 20, 2018

CEO Insights: Inside the CX Universe with Leon Papkoff

A Recap of Our Discussion on User Experience, Customer Experience and Design


Last month I got the chance to sit down and talk with Leon Papkoff, founder and CEO of The CXApp. The theme of our conversation resonates with businesses in today’s digital environment: how crucial is design to the overall user experience?


I was initially surprised by Leon’s answer: while great design plays an important role in distinguishing businesses from the competition, your primary focus has got to be technical functionality. Modern customers are more demanding than ever. No one’s going to be patient with your system if it’s taking (a bit) longer to find what they’re looking for. This made sense to me – I’m just as guilty as the next finicky consumer of giving up on a website or app if the first feature I tried didn’t work quite right.


While chatting, we naturally couldn’t resist addressing the topic of customer experience. As an industry expert, Leon very succinctly explained why this is the trending business buzzword:


“A lot of products and services today have been commoditized. So, if I buy one product it’s going to be very similar to a competitor’s product, but the customer experience a lot of the times is what really differentiates [that brand].”


Check out the interview highlights below, or read the full article here:


CEO Interview Highlights