Building an Autonomous Customer Journey

By Diana Serrano

Managed Vs. Un-managed CX Touchpoints

Marketing can be tough. You can pour your heart and soul (or, at the very least, 40 hours a week) into creating top-notch resources and campaigns. You can invest in publicizing your beautiful creations … but you can’t actually make someone consume that content.

For instance, while you realize that if only new clients took the time to glance at the carefully-curated on-boarding materials, they would be much more successful. If only. Frustrating, right?


This brings us to managed vs. unmanaged touchpoints in the customer journey. The difference between those is important. Why? Because by creating a solid autonomous customer journey - a series of compelling unmanaged touchpoints - you can exert influence over that pesky last step of the customer experience.


So, let’s dive into this concept with a fun infographic (how else?):


Difference Between Customer Journey Touchpoints


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