A Sneak Peek Inside the HPE EBC with Esteban Obando

By The CX App

The award-winning HPE Executive Briefing Center in Palo Alto creates a high-touch space for senior HPE executives and IT professionals to connect and collaborate with customers worldwide. Unique features inside the EBC highlight digitization using Aruba Networks and Meridian apps technology.

The executive briefing team at HPE leverages the CXApp platform to connect with customers before, during, and after their in-person visit. Most uniquely, they've installed a beacon network that communicates with customers at different hot spots within the center itself. This creates more of a 'white-glove' approach to customer meetings where it's more than just sitting in a boardroom, but actually experiencing the technology, and allowing the technology to enhance the on-site experience.

Hungry? Ready to break for lunch? Cruise to the cafeteria, with wonderfully appointed decor, and follow live directions to get you there through integrated indoor mapping. Once you're there, just as fast as you smell that day's delectable offerings, you'll be synced with a mobile notification on what the actual menu is. Oh, and yes, the chocolate chip cookies are just as good as their reputation, better in fact! A mobile-first mindset to the way customers navigate in and around your campus and navigate their business relationship with you is a competitive differentiator for great customer experience.

See how HPE utilizes the CXApp, and integrates with Aruba Networks, to drive their on-site briefing program and bring their building to life.

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