Hashtags, Emojis, GIFs..Oh My!

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How To Speak the Language of the Internet

Emojis, hashtags, 'GIFs' may hate them or love them, but one thing's for sure, they are here to stay. CMO by Adobe tells us that 92% of the world's online population uses emojis. That's about 2.7 billion people. In 2016 alone, the Emoji Research Team forecasted that 2.3 trillion messages would be sent with emojis that year. You may ask yourself, 'why has the adoption rate of these little emoticons been so high?' It's simple really.


They allow a person to communicate their feelings without the need for words. You don't need to know Spanish to understand a post that includes emojis like "⚽️" or "." Through emojis, you can show pride for your country, such as Spain's presence in the world cup through the emoji's above. You can also express a broad range of emotions. Love, excitement, fear, and so on.


Hashtags expand on that ability by allowing brands, businesses, and users to increase their audiences, even to groups they may have not originally intended to reach. On Instagram alone, the strategically use of just one hashtag can increase your engagement levels by 12.6 percent.


And lastly, we can't forget about the power of GIFs: another great way to share one's emotions. While images help generate 3x the engagement for Twitter posts, GIFs double that.  You must use their power wisely, however, as strict copyright laws protect recognizable individuals or trademarked content. Just remember: as long as they are listed as public domain, you can use them in your marketing campaign. 


Now let's see how you can use these modern communications to tailor the customer experience:


Emojis communication

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