July 12, 2018

EBC Spotlight: Where Customers Are a Passion and a Priority

When customers are your passion and priority, you craft all of the sensory experiences to impress and delight them. What you see, how you're treated, what you smell, taste... it's all a part of the package. 

In order to accelerate business you have to the right innovations in place today and planning for the next innovations of tomorrow that support every step of the customer experience journey when they are on-site at your EBC -or- Customer Experience Center. 

In the Silicon Valley, digitization and mobile-first experiences are becoming the standard, and the CXApp partnered with this CEC to create a cutting-edge experience that showcases the key role that technology plays in transforming business initiatives in the networking and It world.

Integrations with live mapping and blue dot technology, from within the center, enhance customer ingress and egress, as well as crowdshaping to help draw visitors to special areas and hot spots such as the "Social Media Listening Center" and company storyboard, as well as content interactions that talk to digital installations within the center.

Need some help? Just call the concierge through the live video product... and have a chat! Now that's customer experience on-demand!

Let's take a look at some fast CEC/EBC stats: