Compliance: CXApp & GDPR

By Andrea Susman

Designed to safeguard an individual’s data, the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policy has certainly made headlines... and hit your inboxes. In effect as of May 25, 2018, GDPR was design for the EU (European Union) and EEA (European Economic Area) to address the export of personal data outside of these territories.

The regulation contains provisions and requirements pertaining to the processing of personally identifiable information of data subjects inside the EU and also applies to all enterprises, regardless of location, that are doing business with the European Economic Area. 

Just before the policy went live, a poll indicated that over 76% of UK consumers found the new GDPR policy to be very important in relation to their digital lives.

This doesn't come as a shock to digital savvy companies working, living, and delivering experiences in the age of mobility, IoT, and smart connecting devices. As technology becomes smarter and companies continue to innovate, the need for personal information sensitivity will become more prevalent as consumers care more about having control over how brands connect with them digitally.

Data production and consumption is growing rapidly. New information generated per second for every human being will approximate amount to 1.7 megabytes by 2020.

As a mobile platform solution offering customer experience as a service in a digital world, we strive to be not only ahead of the curve but compliant with what comes before and after the curve (per se). We know our tools are used across businesses and verticals globally, so ensuring that we are compliant with the new data policy is one step forward in helping you continue to win and impress your customers too!


Top Initiatives for CXApp Compliance

  • General Awareness. Insight into the types of information we collect on users, why we collect that information, and clearly idenitfying which information is and is not required for using our platforms.

  • Preference Management. The ability to empower user rights to identify what types of communications they want to receive from you, how often, and on what types of channels/methods. 

  • Opt-In & Opt-Out. Handing over the controls to enable/disable these types of marketing, communication, collaboration tools that impact you and your user's.

  • Remove Profile. Allowing users to terminate their services at any given time for any given reason.


The CXApp team takes pride in our technology, solutions, and relationships, so we hope you find this information helpful and aligned with your ongoing customer experience initiatives.

If you would like to review our Privacy Policy/Terms and Conditions, click here. Also, there are plenty of resources out there to learn more about GDPR.

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