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Each year we see more companies and HR departments talking about employee experience...yet these spooky stats have us wondering, are we making forward progress or...

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Global Community Audiences Need a Seamless Experience

A consistent user experience is key when using technology in all parts of the world

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Event Spotlight: Croatia Is Calling and I Must Go

At the crossroads of southern and central Europe, the CXAp belongs. 

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Introducing the Cast: Smart Campus

The Personas that Use and Benefit From a ‘Smart Campus’ Mobile App

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Tags: CX, Data, Digitization, Infographic, Campus

Property Tech Trends You Need to Know

How Buildings Are Changing Thanks to Digital Developments

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Customer Experience Trends for Meetings and Briefings

How to Use Both Tech and Thoughtfulness to Win at CX

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Celebrating National Techies Day!

To all you techies out there... woohoo! #NationalTechiesDay

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Tags: Infographic

Podcast Tips & Tricks for Corporate Content Marketing

Content marketing is fun! Creating articles, guides, blogs, videos, short stories... you name it - lends itself to the more creative side of product and company...

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