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Event Spotlight: Hola de nuevo, Mexico City

The Citibanamex Center in Mexico City held the CXApp’s latest adventure: an event that brought together 7,479 industry leaders, analysts, partners, customers and...

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Community Spotlight: Sales Teams Get Connected with the CXApp

The Power of Mobile Technology for Sales

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Building Leverage: Tapping C-Suite Executives as Subject Matter Experts

Perhaps one of the most significant B2B marketing challenges any team or brand faces is the act of integrating C-Suite executives and upper management.

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Expand Your Audience in a Mobile-Minute

More and more, audiences find their news or content consumption needs on social networks. This can be attributed to the massive networks of like-minded individuals ...

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Hyperlocation In the Enterprise: Syncing the Place of Your Data

In the EBC or during public events it’s important to know where your customers are, both physically and digitally. Physically, it’s about knowing their relative...

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Community Spotlight: The CXApp Is The Place to Express Yourself

Forbes calls 2018 “the year of the Employee Experience,” and for good reason. With the transition to all things mobile, the competition for motivated, skilled talent...

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2018 and Beyond: Trends for an Optimal CX Strategy

Wow. We’re sure you realize it, but we’re already halfway through the year. It seems like only yesterday we were looking ahead at 2018, trying to discern where things...

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