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Content Engagement Strategies for the Modern Consumer

Creating Perpetual Engagement in Your Online Communities

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Persona Spotlight: Account Manager

What: Account Managers are responsible for maintaining customer relationships and managing customer expectations. Knowing account status, needs, and issues is their...

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Notifications and the Red Dot Phenomenon

Deploy Mobile Notifications to Increase App Loyalty

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Mobile App KPI's to Keep Top of Mind

Tips for Evaluating Mobile App Performance

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EBC On-the-Go
February 13, 2018

EBC On-the-Go

Executive Briefing Centers are traditionally stationed in the headquarters of a company or for global organizations across half a dozen primary locations, maybe more....

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The CXApp takes on

Viva Las Vegas! This desert oasis held the CXApp’s latest adventure, a global event to be remembered.  Though Vegas is known to many as “Sin City,” our team relished...

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The CXApp takes on the

Oh hey... beignet! From Bourbon Street to the Mississippi River through the Financial District and back around to Mardi Gras World, the CXApp serviced sold-out user...

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The idea of a prosumer, or the prosumer effect has been around for a long time now. To ensure we’re on the same page, we’ll cover the basics real quick. A prosumer is a...

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